Thursday, February 12, 2009

2/12/2009 10:23am

Good morning everyone! Well I seemed to have weathered the storms last night. The winds here reached a high of 92 miles/hour (the equivilent to a catagory 2 hurricane.) One of the neighbors had a pine tree uprooted and fallen acrossed her car, the three (3) story tall pines in the back of my yard fell over like dominios uprooted and all, and the neighbor next to me had his shed lifted off the ground and dropped into my side yards ( its in pieces all over my side yards).

Any way other than that I will be uploading some more photos to the blog today some of the storm damage, and some of the scrapebooks I made from scratch, and some of what my studio here looks like - so you can all see the space I create in!

Till then I will see you all this afternoon!

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