Sunday, February 8, 2009

05/02/07 07:49 AM

Good morning everyone, I was wa just blogging to let you all know that the show In Lawrenceville went very well, they estimated about 42,000 visitors came through. And what was even more exciting was that the one piece I was allowed to enter "Living Without" was sold! I have been fast at work in the studio, getting away from the photography end of my artwork a little and going back to some of the photos as a reference for paintings.
Its kinda funny to think that I forgot how much I enjoyed painting, I guess I just needed a break from it for awhile. That is how I am feeling about the photography end of it now.
I am so greatful to all of my artwanted friends for all their encouragement, and advice!
I hope every one has a great day. I am off to the studio!

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