Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here goes a cool site called the Million Blog List. It is a site that is tring to reach and see how long it takes to reach 1 million bloggs. It is free to join so have at it and have fun!

All about the busy week !

I went to the Three Rivers Arts Festival this past weekend...It was AWESOME as usual!
The caliber of artist this year was definately bettter then the last two years. I ended up buying 6 prints by Joanna Jung of Jackson Jung Galleries out of Chicago. I have been collecting her works since 2006! SHE IS THE MOST AMAZING ARTIST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also purchased a clay mirror, and a paper and cloth lined bendie animal character of which I found so very interesting.
I am dog sitting for my sisters 2 wienner dogs for 7 days while she and her boys are in Disney. And while walking them today they got tangled up in a tiff with a porcupine- luckily none of the three got hurt. I will start a marketing blitz this week as well with over 400 mailings going out! I am tired just thinking about it.
I don't think I mentioned the family of Zebra Finches that moved into one of my bird houses. they laid 3 eggs and they hatched into the sweetest little hatchlings. i am so amazed by them. I can sit and watch the parents take turns feeding them and watching over them.
Oh yeah I also jioned up with to really awesome Artist Groups on this site called I was so very stunned when I found it, it is a massive site for people who want to get together with other folks who shar similar interest. The one group is called Army of Artist's and it has over 180 people in it that meet up and paint or talk about art. They are putting together a space where wewill meet at and show works of ours! The other group is a Figure Drawing Group and it has almost 100 or so people in it too! I can't wait till my first meeting with them.
Oh yeah before I forget I made 45 additions to My Artist / Art Gallery Listing for The USA this morning. So if you want a free updated copy just email me and I will send it back to you as an excell attachment. Remember it is broken down by states and then further broken down by areas with in that state and each has a link directly to that galleries website.
I will also be updating all of my sites this week as well as adding 5 new ones!!!!!
I am sad to say that www.HometownArtGallery has gone out of business. The worst part is that they did not even notify me of it...At All... I was more so disappointed in them for that! I will miss them though they were good folk and a good site!
So anyway with all that said I probbly should get started on my work for the day again and finish up my lunch break here.
I will talk to you all soon!

The iPhone The New Wave of Art

Here is a very interesting article/video regarding this- I found it pretty facinating. Check it out!

The Top 200 Artist of The 20th Century

Here is a really interesting article poll I read at The article is from the June 8th issue under Entertainment then under Arts. Check it out. I would be very curious as to everyone elses thoughts!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Morning from Dallas texas!

Good morning everyone! Well today is my last day here in Dallas Texas. I have been here since the 28th of May and I have to say I will be sad to leave!!! I was lucky enough to be staying at the Fairmont downtown - acrossed from the F.I.G Gallery. They are holding a juried exhibition may 29th - 31 of more than 125 artist. I can't wait to see it today!!!!!1
they will be revealing the "The New Dallas Nine" Art Awards. if you want to check it out also go to there you will find all of the participating artists and their links if they have any!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's Day Mom.I could not have done anything in my art career if it weren't for all of your support! You are the reason I am who I am!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!

Art All Night Show

Good morning everyone! I just up loaded this photo of me and my print at the Art all Night Show in Lawrenceville. I have not heard back from the committy yet on how many people attended but they estimated based on previous years that could be up to 10,000 people for this event. So cool considering it is only one night!! Any way my print did sell :) I thought my base ball cap and t-shirt turned out cool too!

Here are some new mosaic's I did for a birthday party last weekend

Here is one of two mosaics I did for Tyler's Sponge Bob Square Pants Birthday party last weekend! It is composed up of 2,070 photo cells and is 20"x16".

Here is one of two mosaics I did for Tyler's Sponge Bob Square Pants Birthday party last weekend! It is composed up of 1,521 photo cells and is 16""x20".

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Art All Night- Success!!!!!!!!!

The Annual Lawrenceville Art All Night was a big success! One piece got me 9 sold pieces off of my website! Includung the Original piece I put up at the show!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help The Animals of ARL

I am initiating a new projec to help the animals of The ARL (Animal Resuce League)!
Starting today you will be able to purchase any of my works at:

When doing so you will not only get a quality product but 25% your payment will go to the ARL. I will ensure that you recieve a tax reciet for the transaction as well in your name.
I will also have product's available there at the local shelter in Wilkinsburgh, PA.
As well as a massive wall size photo mosaic!

There are a large selection of product's available so get yours today! They make for GREAT gifts and also help the animals!

Art All nigh Show

Join me and thousands at the annual Lawrenceville Art All Night Show! There will be music, artwork, food and beverages, activities for the family and children!

Saturday April 25th @ 6pm - Sunday April 26th @ 2pm!

Rgeistration is free and you can enter only one piece of your work. To register go to or register in person on Saturday April from 2pm to 4pm.

Have fun, eat, drink, sell atrwork, and network!!!!

Pet's Thread Mosaic

I have just completed the upload of a project I started for's forum section under photography. The section's thread is enormous consisting of 60 completed mosiacs from a submission totaling 146. The mosaics took a total of 442.5 hours to complete 18.43 days in total. You can view this thread by going to (forum / photography / Pet's Thread mosaic)!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Web Site You Can Join

Hey every one! Here is a very cool site you can join if you are an artist of any kind. They offer lots of cool features:
1. Statistics
3. Forum
4. Marketing Classes
5. Unlimited listings
6. Shopping
7. Shipping
8. Contests
9. Web hosting
10. over 20, 000 artist's
11. and lots more

click the link below for details:

src="" border=0 alt="">

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Around the corner!!!!!

I have been busy lately with Spring comming up next week! I bought one of those Tobie Steam Cleaners off the tv. I LOVE THIS THING!!!!! I did the livingroom couch, and chairs, and then the drapes in both the livingroom and dinningroom, even the shears. I also used it to clean the windows in those rooms to!!!!! The pet hair just melted right off of everything- and the house plants love th steam.

While shopping at Costco's the other day I purchased a Shark Floor Steam Cleaner. This little bugger is only 3 lbs, and so very easy to use. I don't think I will ever use a traditional mop again!!!

With the deck scrubbed down and restained last year - it practically looks brand new! So now I am off to rebild the small retaining wall that is underneath it. it is long I think like 40 or 50 stone blocks long and three high, but befor I have new mulch added and the turtle pond put in, I want to relevel it so that it is sound as a couple of the blocks are tumblin forward into the lawn.

Then as if that is not enough it is PLANT......PLANT.....PLANT!!!!! I want to put in some new ivy to vine up the back fence where three old pines that fell two months ago stood - just to add a small amount of privacy. And a new Dog Wood Tree or two, and some new Hostas!

Thats all of my projects over the next two months as far as the gardening goes, other than the usual mantainance.

I started my 11th scrapbook, even thought I said I wasn't going to make any more. I need to photograph them and place them on here so everyone can see them.

It's all just a little bit crazy round here now!!!

Photo Mosaic Statistic info

Good morning every one. I have just completed the upload of 13 more photo mosaics to my portfolio. Please stop by and check them out!! Out of curiosity I calculated up how many hours I have envested nto these mosaics all 36 of them so far that I have up loaded. To my huge surprise I have 3,032 creative hours into these mosaic - that is an astonihing and exhausting 126 1/3 days!!
I have used a total of 108,947 photo's (alot of these are duplicate's and triplicates of course not individual photographs)
Time for a power nap!!!!!!
And New camera batteries........and a more powerful memory for my computer's!!!!
Maybe even a small refidgerator and bed sid toilet (NOT) for my studio!! hahahahaha!

13 New Mosaic Uploads

I have just completed 13 new photo mosaic uploads to my website. Because of their pixel sizes this site will not let me upload them. So to view the 13 new photo mosaics click HERE

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lazy Susan Mosaic

Sorry This Image Was To Large To upload. To view it please click here and you will be taken to My We Site! I apologize for any inconvenience! Michael Easter

This photo mosaic is of some of my travels, and is 34" x 45" in size and is composed up of all original photographs that I took ( 5,120 photo cells) each done by hand one at a time. it took 91 hours to create. the main image source however is a photograph taken by my friend Michael Joseph and the credit for that main image photo goes to him!

Mystic Mickey Mouse Mosaic

This mosaic was done for a friend who traveled to California and took pictures. I used his photos to personalize the mosaic for him. it is 20" x 16" in size ans is made up of 2,160 photo cells. The main image source is from The Disney Website page which allowed for free wall paper downloading, so all credit goes to The Disnesy Corp. for the mian imag source. The mosaic took 55 hours to complete and was done one photo at a time.

Mickey Mouse Photo Mosaic

This mosaic was done for a friend who traveled to California and took pictures. I used his photos to personalize the mosaic for him. it is 16" x 20" in size ans is made up of 2,160 photo cells. The main image source is from The Disney Website page which allowed for free wall paper downloading, so all credit goes to The Disnesy Corp. for the mian imag source. The mosaic took 45 hours to complete and was done one photo at a time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Copy Right Inforamtion -by Jerry @ AW

This wa sa very interesting and informative bit of information posted by a fellow artist @

Jerry - posted this when another artist was asking about copy right information. So I copied it for my records and thought that I would share his FANTASTIC - INFORMATIVE news with you all......THANK YOU JERRY @

Copy Right Information (AW) Artist Jerry (To visit Jerry's site on AW please click his name below...It is unlder lined in blue)

http://www.gag ***** *****
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: ***** Pricing & Ethical Guidelines ***** 12 th. Edition $35.00 @ Barnes and Nobles bookstores
*Easy-to-read explanations of copyright and legal issues that affect you *Latest pricing information based on real industry surveys *An updated chapter on digital media and web design to help you keep pace *A complete guide to professional ethics & business standards *The ultimate reference book for design and illustration professionals *Tips on negotiating the best deals *Sample contracts that make it a snap to "get it in writing"
"The creative professions are radically changing and the Handbook is keeping pace with up-to-date advice on pricing and professional practices. This 11th edition ranks at the top of HOW's list of must-have business resources for creatives." – Bryn Mooth, Editor, HOW Magazine
U.S. Copyright Law For advice and current information about US copyright law, please contact a qualified legal professional.
Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (title 17, U.S. Code) to the authors of "original works of authorship" including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. Section 106 of the Copyright Act generally gives the owner of copyright the exclusive right to do and to authorize others to do the following:
To reproduce the copyrighted work in copies or phonorecords; To prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work; To distribute copies or phonorecords of the copyrighted work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending; To perform the copyrighted work publicly, in the case of literary, musical, dramatic, and choreographic works, pantomimes, and motion pictures and other audiovisual works; and To display the copyrighted work publicly, in the case of literary, musical, dramatic, and choreographic works, pantomimes, and pictorial, graphic, or sculptural works, including the individual images of a motion picture or other audiovisual work.
It is illegal for anyone to violate any of the rights provided by the Act to the owner of copyright. These rights, however, are not unlimited in scope. Sections 107 through 119 of the Copyright Act establish limitations on these rights. In some cases, these limitations are specified exemptions from copyright liability.
One major limitation is the doctrine of "fair use," which is given a statutory basis in section 107 of the Act. In other instances, the limitation takes the form of a "compulsory license" under which certain limited uses of copyrighted works are permitted upon payment of specified royalties and compliance with statutory conditions.
For further information about the limitations of any of these rights, visit and download the text of the U.S. Copyright Act or visit to the U.S. Copyright Office's web site.
There is also a government Copyright FAQ you may wish to check out.

2008 Year End Update on Orphan Works ***** 110th Congress fails to pass S. 2913 or H.R. 5889 The year is winding down and so is this Congressional session. Megan Gray, the Guild's lobbyist, continued having meetings with key House and Senate offices and the different industries and associations that are part of the long list of Orphan Works stakeholders. These meetings continued our efforts to advocate on behalf of artists' interests and to educate key people about the graphic arts industry and its vital role in the US economy.
We all know that the Senate version of the bill, which the Guild opposed, passed in September, but we were able to block the passage of that version in the House because of our insistence on a Notice of Use clause and the strategic decision on our part to back the House version based on the Notice of Use clause. We know that not everyone understands that decision, but if we had not done that, the Senate bill would have likely swept through the House with as little opposition as it encountered in the Senate itself.
As this session of Congress wound down, the House bill seemed to have stalled. The reasons for this are varied, including a preoccupation with the economic crisis the country is facing, and the fact that two other key stakeholders, both of whom are strongly in favor of the basic contours of the bill as it stands, have recently butted heads over a provision in the bill that doesn't really affect visual artists one way or another. At the moment, this works in our favor.
Congress will be back in January (new session begins January 6). During this coming session, the Satellite Home Viewer Extension and Reauthorization Act, which is part of U.S. copyright law, is set to expire and is likely to be re-enacted. This creates an opportunity for lawmakers to attach an Orphan Works bill to another piece of legislation that is certain to move through both the Senate and the House in 2009. This is something we'll be following closely.
We all know it's not easy predicting what Congress will do next. Our previous posting, Current Status of Orphan Works, covers the most likely scenarios for Orphan Works in the coming year. The various user groups that have been working to get Orphan Works enacted could very well turn their attention elsewhere. The current state of the legislation is much more watered down than it originally was when it was introduced, something I know is hard to fathom given the nature of the bill, and it may be at a point where some of the user groups may not have as much enthusiasm as they once did for it, especially if some of the remaining issues (which are not focused on visual artists) aren't decided in favor of the user groups.
As the new Congress convenes, the Guild will remain actively involved with Orphan Works and we will continue to be consulted by the key Congressional offices well in advance of any developments.
For more information about orphan works, visit our blog at
See you in 2009, and thanks for reading.
Tricia McKiernan Executive Director
Lisa Shaftel National Advocacy Committee Chairperson
Jerry ***** **** register on line. *****
eCO Online System ***** File a copyright registration for your work through the Copyright Office online system.
Advantages include:
*Lower filing fee of $35 for a basic claim (for online filings only) *Fastest processing time *Online status tracking *secure payment by credit or debit card, electronic check, or Copyright Office deposit account the ability to upload certain categories of deposits directly into eCO as electronic files

Art Gallery Listing for the USA

rt Galleries in The USA

Art Galleries In Alabama

Birmingham Art Galleries
Bare Hands Gallery
Bear Creek Glass
Gallerie Alegria
Jennifer Harwell Art Studio / Gallery
Loretta Goodwin Gallery
Lyda Rose Gallery(Homewood)
Monty Stabler Galleries (Homewood)
Naked Art Gallery
NorDys Gallery
Red Dot Gallery
Space One Eleven
Huntsville Art Galleries
Artistic Images Gallery
Carlisle Gallery
Huntsville Art League Gallery
Parsons Art Gallery
Signature Gallery
Montgomery Art Galleries
Alabama Artists Gallery
Corporate Art Source
Leon Loard Portraits
Marcia Weber / Art Objects
Sac's Gallery
Stonehenge Gallery
Other Alabama Art Galleries
Artisans (Mentone)
Artists Incorporated (Vestavia Hills)
Black Belt Treasures (Camden)
Fortunes Rocks Fine Art (Guntersville)
The Mayor's Office Folk Art Gallery (Pittsview)
Meridian Arts (Gurley)
Monty Stabler Galleries (Homewood)
Rattling Gourd Gallery (Loachapoka)
Renaissance Gallery (Northport)
Rennards Gallery & Gifts (Cullman)
Rosetta Stone Gallery of Florence (Florence)
The Villager (Auburn)

Art Galleries in Alaska

Anchorage Art Galleries
Alaska Glass Gallery
Alaska Quality Picture Framing
Artic Rose Gallery
Artique, Ltd.
Aurora Lights Gallery
Decker Morris Gallery
International Gallery of Contemporary Art
Killer Designs Studio & Gallery
Stephan Fine Arts Gallery
St. Pierre Galleries
Fairbanks Art Galleries
The Alaska House Gallery
Alaskan Village Arts
Fairbanks Art Association
New Horizons Gallery
Santa's Gallery
Juneau Art Galleries
Annie Kaill's
Cha for the Finest
Gallery of the North
Juneau Artists Gallery
Little City Gallery
Rie Munoz Gallery
Other Alaska Art Galleries
Alaska Indian Art (Haines)
Birch Tree Gallery (Soldotna)
Bunnell Street Gallery (Homer)
Dockside Gallery (Ketchikan)
Echoes of Alaska (Skagway)
The Gallery (Palmer)
Picture Alaska Art Gallery (Homer)
Ravens Window (Haines)
Scanlon Gallery (Ketchikan)
Sitka Rose Gallery (Sika)
The Gallery (Palmer)

Art Galleries in Arizona

Cave Creek & Carefree Art Galleries
Blue Coyote Gallery
Galeria Bellas Arts
Karin Newby Gallery
Keskinis Gallery (Carefree)
Mother Lode Fine Art Gallery
Norby Gallery
Rogoway's Turquoise Tortoise Gallery
Twigs Gallery
Phoenix Art Galleries
Bentley Projects
Berlin Gallery
Costello-Childs Contemporary
eye lounge
Esprit Decor Gallery
Five 15
Karmic Calamity
Modified Arts
Paulina Miller Gallery
Perihelion Arts
Phoenix Art Group, Inc.
Sun Fire African Art Gallery
Tilt Gallery
Tokugawa Gallery
Scotts Dale Art Galleries
American Fine Art
Arts Alive
Bentley Gallery
Biltmore Galleries
Bonner David Galleries
Calvin Charles Gallery *
Cervini Haas Gallery
Clarke & Clarke
Cline Fine Art
Danela / May Galleries
Duley Jones Gallery
Faust Gallery
Figarelli Fine Art
Fort Knox Antiquities
g2 Gallery
Gallery Russia
Gasov & Gurule International Fine Art
Gebert Contemporary
Glenn Green Galleries
Hernández Contemporary Fine Art *
Iossi Gallery
Joan Cawley Gallery
Joan Marcus Fine Art
King Galleries
Larsen Gallery
The Legacy Gallery
Le KAE Gallery
LKG Contemporary *
Leslie Levy Fine Art
Lisa Sette Gallery
The Marshall Gallery
Mitchell Brown Fine Art
Naked Horse Gallery
Old Territorial Indian Arts
Overland Gallery of Fine Art
Ostrovsky Fine Art Gallery
Pinnacle Gallery
Rima Fine Art
Rive Gauche Art Gallery
Riva Yares Gallery
River Trading Post
Robert Roman Gallery
Scottsdale Fine Art
Simic New Renaissance Galleries
S R Brennen Galleries
Textures Gallery
Traditional Pueblo Arts
Trailside Galleries
Victoria Boyce Galleries
Wilde Meyer Gallery
Williow Gallery
Xanadu Gallery
Zuva Gallery
Sedona Art Galleries
Andrea Smith Galleries
Arte - Misia Gallery
Call of the Canyon
Eclectic Image
El Prado Galleries
Erickson Studio - Gallery
Exposures Gallery of Fine Art
Gallery of Modern Masters
Garland's Navaho Rugs
Gold Door Gallery
Goldenstein Art Associates
James Ratliff Gallery
Kuivato Glass Gallery
Lanning Gallery
Mountain Trails Galleries
Navarro Gallery
Point of Sedona Gallery
Proctor Fine Art
Pueblo Sedona Gallery
Sedona Arts Center
Scherer Gallery
Spiritwind Gallery
Terbush Gallery
Turquoise Buffalo
Turquoise Tortoise Contemporary Gallery
Turquoise Tortoise Gallery
Visions Fine Art Gallery
Zonies Galleria
Tubac Art Galleries
Big Horn Galleries
Cobalt Fine Arts Gallery
Cowboy Art Exchange
Feminine Mystique Gallery
Galleria Tubac
Karin Newby Gallery
Michael Gibbons
Purcell Galleries of Fine Art
Renee Taylor Gallery
Rogoway's Galleries
Tubac Center of the Arts
Tucson Art Galleries
Allan J. McIntyre Fine Art
Bahti Indian Arts
Conrad Wilde Gallery
Covington Fine Arts Gallery
Davis Dominguez Gallery
DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun
Desert Artisans' Gallery
Dinnerware Contemporary Art Gallery
The Drawing Studio
El Presidio Gallery
Eric Firestone Gallery
Etherton Gallery
The Gallery at 6th & 6th
Gallery Centella
Gallery West
Jane Hamilton Fine Art
Joseph Gross Gallery at UA
Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery
Madaras Gallery
Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery
The Max Gallery
Michael D. Higgins & Son
Mo's Gallery & Fine Framing
Mountain Shadow Gallery
Obsidian Gallery
Ouroboros Stone Sculpture Gallery
Philabaum Glass
Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery & Workshop
Sanders Galleries
Settlers West Galleries
Wilde Meyer Gallery
Galleries in Other Arizona Cities
Arts Prescott (Prescott)
Blue Mule Art Gallery (Globe)
Copper Mine Picture Cafe (Miami, AZ)
Gold Nugget Art Gallery (Wickenburg)
Mesa Arts Center (Mesa)
Mountain Spirit Gallery (Prescott)
Old West Iron Art (Apache Junction)
Pascal de Sarthe Fine Art (Paradise Valley)
Pura Vida Gallery (Jerome)
Raku Gallery (Jerome)
Segura Publishing Company (Tempe)
Vision Gallery (Chandler)
West of the Moon Gallery (Flagstaff)

Art Galleries in Arkansas

Eureka Springs Art Galleries
83 Spring Street
Cherokee Mountain Gallery
Dream Gallery
Eureka Fine Art Company
Eureka Thyme
Lux Weaving Studio
Paradise Pottery
Quicksilver Gallery
Willo Spring Gallery
Zarks Fine Design Gallery
Hot Springs Art Galleries
American Art Gallery
Artists' Workshop Gallery
Blue Moon Gallery
Dryden Pottery
The Fine Arts Center of Hot Springs
Fox Pass Pottery
Gallery Central
Painted Papers Art Studio
Palmers Gallery 800
Taylor's Contemporanea Fine Arts
Little Rock Art Galleries
The Arkansas Gallery
Arkansas Arts Center
Cantrell Gallery
Chroma Gallery
Gallery 26
Greg Thompson Fine Art
Hearne Fine Art
Hillcrest Gallery
River Market ArtSpace
William Criswell's Art
Other Art Galleries and Exhibition Spaces in Arkansas
Arkansas Craft Gallery (Mountain View)
Big Red Gallery (Bentonville)
Center for Art & Education (Van Buren)
The Corner Joint (Mountain Home)
Galerie Camus (Huntsville)
Good Earth Pottery (Evening Shade)
Hill Country Art Gallery (Mountain Home)
Mena Art Gallery (Mena)
Muse Gallery (Fayetteville)
Muse Gallery (Fayetteville)
Muse Gallery (Fayetteville)
Seven Springs Art (Heber Springs)

Art Galleries in California

San Francisco
Art Galleries at 49 Geary Street
Brian Gross Fine Art
Don Soker Contemporary Art Gallery
Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery
Fraenkel Gallery
Gregory Lind Gallery
Haines Gallery
Jack Fischer Gallery
Micaëla Gallery
Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art
Michael Shapiro Photographs
Robert Koch Gallery
Robert Tat Gallery
room for painting room for paper
Scott Nichols Gallery
Stephen Wirtz Gallery
Steven Wolf Fine Arts
Toomey - Tourell Gallery
Warnock Fine Arts
Other San Francisco Art Galleries
Addison Fine Arts
Albers Gallery of Inuit Art
Andrea Schwartz Gallery
Anthony Meier Fine Arts
The Artists Alley
ArtZone 461 Gallery
Braunstein/Quay Gallery
Cain Schulte Gallery
Caldwell-Snyder Gallery
California Modern Art Gallery
Catharine Clark Gallery
Chandler Fine Art
Christopher Clark Fine Art
City Art
Claudia Chapline Contemporary Art
Cohen Rese Gallery
Crown Point Press Gallery
da'Tanla Mélange Art Gallery
De Vera
Dolby Chadwick Gallery
Electric Works
Evolving Art Gallery
Freddie Fong Gallery
Frey Norris Gallery
Geras Tousignant Gallery
Gallery 16
Gallery 444
Gallery Paule Anglim
Gendell Gallery
George Krevsky Gallery
Hackett-Freedman Gallery
Hang Art
Hespe Gallery
Himmelberger Gallery
Hosfelt Gallery
Jack Hanley Gallery
Jenkins Johnson Gallery
John Berggruen Gallery
John Pence Gallery
Johns' Western Gallery
Larry Evans Fine Art
Le Trianon Gallery
LIMN Gallery
Martin Lawrence Galleries
Marx & Zavattero
McCaig Welles and Rosenthal
Meridian Gallery
Meyerovich Gallery
Minna Gallery
Montgomery Gallery
Nevska Gallery
Paul Mahder Gallery
Ratio 3
Sutter Gallery
North Point Gallery
Octavia's Haze Gallery
Pasquale Iannetti Art Galleries
Patricia Sweetow Gallery
Paul Thiebaud Gallery
Rayko Photo Center and Galleries
Rena Bransten Gallery
Sculpturesite Gallery
Schein & Schein
Scott Richards Contemporary Art
The Shooting Gallery
Serge Sorokko Gallery
Takada Gallery
Thomas Reynolds Gallery
Togonon Gallery
Triple Base Gallery
Varnish Fine Art
Velvet da Vinci
White Walls
Corte Madera Art Galleries
The Mayne Gallery
Mill Valley Art Galleries
Barefoot Art Gallery
Robert Green Fine Arts
Petaluma Art Galleries
Aurora Colors
Barry Singer Gallery
Discount Graphics
Gallery One
Riverfront Art Gallery
San Rafael Art Galleries
Artisans Art Gallery
Art Works Downtown
The Folk Art Gallery
Donna Seager Gallery
Garzoli Gallery
Smith Anderson North
Santa Rosa Art Galleries
Annex Gallery
Blue Gum Farm
Sausalito Art Galleries
Fingerhut Gallery of Sausalito
Galerie Elektra
Galerie Judith Engelstad
Industrial Center Building
Scrimshaw Gallery
Studio 333
Tapia Art Gallery
Other Marin County Art Galleries
Claudia Chapline Gallery (Stinson Beach)
Gallery Bergelli (Larkspur)
Gallery Route One (Point Reyes Station)
Tomales Fine Art (Tomales)
Sonoma Art Gallery
A New Leaf Gallery
Changing Seasons Gallery & Gifts
The Fairmont Gallery
J. Sumner Gallery
Milagros Gallery
North Bay Gallery
Saret Gallery
Spirits in Stone
Napa Valley Art Galleries
M J Schaer Gallery (Napa)
Jessel Gallery (Napa)
Vianello Arts (Napa)
Gallery 1870 (Yountville)
The Images Collection (Yountville)
North Bay Gallery (Yountville)
RAS Galleries (Yountville)
Volakis Gallery Yountville)
Art on Main (St. Helena)
Caldwell Snyder (St. Helena)
The Christopher Hill Gallery (St. Helena)
I. Wolk Gallery (St. Helena)
Lee Youngman Galleries (Calistoga)
Other Galleries North of San Francisco
Art That Makes You Laugh (Mendocino)
Art That Makes You Laugh (Mendocino)
Blue Sky Gallery (Willits)
The Main Gallery (Redwood City)
Northern California Art Galleries ,Galleries East of San Francisco, Berkeley Art Galleries
4th Street Studio
ACCI Gallery
Alta Galleria
The Ames Gallery
Berkeley Art Center
Cecile Moochnek Gallery
Charles Guice Contemporary
Ethnic Arts
Expressions Gallery
Giorgi Gallery
Glass Mountain
Shibumi Studio & Gallery
Trax Gallery
Traywick Contemporary
Oakland Art Galleries
21 Grand
CaSaj Gallery
Catherine E. Burns Fine Prints
Christensen Heller Gallery
Esteban Sabar Gallery
Front Gallery
Joyce Gordon Gallery
Hebi Arts
KOFA International Art
Magnolia Editions
Masterworks Fine Art
Oakland Art Gallery
Pro Arts
Swarm Gallery
Vintage European Posters
Sacramento Art Galleries
20th St. Art Gallery
40 Acres Art Gallery
Abreu Gallery
Appel Gallery
The Art Foundry & Gallery
Axis Arts Sacramento
Chroma Gallery (Fair Oaks)
Doiron Gallery
Elliot Fouts Gallery
Exploding Head Gallery
Helen Jones Gallery
Smith Gallery
Solomon Dubnick Gallery
Ventana Art Gallery
Other Galleries East of San Francisco
A Different Day Gallery (Albany)
American Visions Art Gallery (Folsom)
Ansel Adams Gallery (Yosemite)
Bennett Gallery (Placerville)
BN Galleries (Jackson)
Chablis Gallery (Placerville)
Eclectix Gallery (El Cerrito)
Epperson & Nash Galleries (Crockett)
Lawrence Gallery
John Natsoulas Gallery (Davis)
The New Artworks Gallery (Fair Oaks)
Robert Green Fine Arts (Mill Valley)
Galleries South of San Francisco
Palo Alto Art Galleries
Bryant Street Gallery
Gallery House
Kathleen Avery Fine Art
Lyons Limited Antique Prints
Meadowlark Galleries
Modern Book
Pacific Art League
Smith Andersen Editions
Tercera Gallery
Santa Cruz Art Galleries
The Glass Gallery
Santa Cruz Art League
San Jose Art Galleries
Anno Domini
Art Object Gallery
Frederick Spratt Gallery
Green Rice Gallery
J.J. Brookings
Kaleid Gallery
M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc.
Museum West
Works San Jose
Other Galleries South of San Francisco
1212 Gallery (Burlingame)
Borsini-Burr Galleries (Half Moon Bay)
California View Fine Arts (Los Gatos)
Gallery Saratoga (Saratoga)
Janice Rowell Gallery (Pacifica)
Kerwin Galleries (Burlingame)
Nuestra Tierra (Half Moon Bay)
Seekers Glass Gallery (Cambria)
Stone Griffin Gallery (Campbell)
Tribes (Moss Landing)
Viewpoints Gallery (Los Altos)
Xanadu Gallery (Menlo Park)
Other Northern California Art Galleries
Avenue Gallery (Chico)
Mowen Solinsky Gallery (Nevada City)
Red Bluff Art Gallery (Red Bluff)
Spectrum Photography Gallery (Fresno)
Tamsen Munger Gallery (Fresno)
American Art Gallery
Atelier Carmel
Avalon Gallery
Big Sur Gallery
Canapo Galleries
Carlson Gallery
Carmel Art Association
Center for Photographic Arts
Chapman Gallery
Classic Art Gallery
Coast Galleries
Dawson Cole Fine Art
D.E. Craghead Fine Art Gallery
Edward Montgomery Fine Art
Galerie Amsterdam
Galerie Plein Aire
Gallery 1000
Gallery 21
Gallery Diamante
Gallery Elite
Gallery i Fine Art
Gallery Sur
George J. Bleich
George Stern Fine Arts
Gibson Galleries
Hanson Gallery Carmel
Gibson Galleries
Highlands Sculpture Gallery
James J. Rieser Fine Art
Jim Miller Gallery
Jody Royee Gallery
Jones & Terwilliger Galleries
Josh Hardy Galleries
The Lewis Gallery
Lisa's Studio - Sketches Collection
Loran Speck Art Gallery
Lu Lu's Silk Art Gallery
Lynn Lupetti Gallery
Lyon's Head Gallery
Masterpiece Gallery
Nancy Dodds Gallery
New Masters Gallery
Oliver Elliott and Sebastian Fine Art
Park Gallery
Photography West Gallery
Picard African Art Gallery
Portnoy Galleries
Robert Knight Photography
Rodrigue Studio
Romanoos Gallery
Simic New Renaissance Galleries
Trotter Galleries
Westbrook Galleries
The Weston Gallery
William A. Karges Fine Art
Winfield Gallery
Winters Fine Art Galleries
Zantman Galleries
Pacific Grove Art Galleries
Hauk Fine Arts
Lysakov Art Company
Pacific Grove Art Center
Robert Lewis Fine Art
Monterey Art Galleries
Anton Gallery
California Views Photo Archives
Levin Gallery
Venture Gallery
Willem Photographic
Los Angeles Art Galleries
01 Gallery
Art Slave Gallery
Bert Green Fine Art
Coldsprings Fine Art
Dalessio Gallery
DAC Gallery
de Soto
Fifty24 LA Gallery
The Hive Gallery
Infusion Gallery
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
M.J. Higgins Fine Art
Morono Kiang Gallery
Phantom Galleries L.A.
PYO Gallery LA
Todd/Browning Gallery
Chinatown Art Galleries
Abacot Gallery
Acuna-Hansen Gallery
Charlie James Gallery
China Art Objects
Chung King Project
David Salow Gallery
Flux Gallery
Fringe Exhibitions
The Happy Lion
High Energy Constructs
Kontainer Gallery
Mesler & Hug
Peres Projects
Redling Fine Art
Sabina Lee Gallery
Sam Lee Gallery
Solway Jones
West Hollywood Art Gallerie
ACE Gallery
Adamson-Duvannes Galleries
Ambrogi / Castanier Gallery
Carl Berg Gallery
Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art
Circus Gallery
Couturier Gallery
Daniel Weinberg Gallery
DF2 Gallery
Denenberg Fine Arts, Inc.
DNJ Gallery
Earl McGrath Gallery
Fahey/Klein Gallery
Forum Gallery
Galerie Yoramgil
Gallery 13, Irish Fine Art by Linda Brunker
Gemini G.E.L.
George Stern Fine Arts
Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery
Hamilton-Selway Fine Art
Jack Rutberg Fine Arts
Jan Kesner Gallery
Karyn Lovegrove Gallery
Lacy Primitive and Fine Art
Lawrence Asher Gallery
Louis Stern Fine Arts
Manny Silverman Gallery
Marcel Sitcoske Gallery
Margo Leavin Gallery
Marc Foxx
Michael Hittleman Gallery
Michael Kohn Gallery
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Morrison Hotel Gallery
Morseburg Gallery
New Image Art
Papillon Gallery
Paul Kopeikin Gallery
Seyhoun Gallery
Steve Turner Contemporary
Tasende Gallery
Tobey C. Moss Gallery
Trigg Ison Fine Art Inc.
West Los Angeles Art Galleries
Crisp London Los Angeles
del Mano Gallery
Leslie Sacks Fine Art
Other Los Angeles Art Galleries
Art Murmur Gallery
Black Maria Gallery
Cherry and Martin
David Kordansky Gallery
drkrm. gallery
Garage Gallery
Julie Rico Gallery
Kristi Engle Gallery
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
The Loft at Liz's
Marc Selwyn Fine Art
Martin Lawrence Galleries
Michael Dawson Gallery
Milla Angelina Gallery
Photographers' Gallery
The Perfect Exposure Gallery
Silk Roads Gallery
Stephen Cohen Gallery
Tarryn Teresa Gallery (opening 2009)
Thinkspace Gallery
Beverly Hills Art Galleries
Anderson Galleries
Andrew Weiss Gallery
Dawson Cole Fine Art
Gagosian Gallery
Galerie Michael
Karen Lynne Galleries
Latin American Masters
Spencer Jon Helfen Fine Arts
Sundaram Tagore Gallery
Timothy Yarger Fine Art
Village Gallery
William A. Karges Fine Art
Coulver City
Angstrom Gallery
Billy Shire Fine Arts
Blum & Poe
Cardwell Jimmerson Contemporary Art
Cherry and Martin
Corey Helford Gallery
David Gallery
George Billis Gallery
Honor Fraser
JK Gallery
Kim Light Lightbox
Kinkead Contemporary
Koplin Del Rio Gallery
LA Contemporary
MC Gallery
Roberts & Tilton
Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects
Taylor de Cordoba
Walter Maciel Gallery
Western Project
Armstrong's Gallery
SCA Project Gallery
57 Underground
Ferguson Fine Arts and Design
Santa Monica Art Galleries
Adamm's Stained Glass
Angles Gallery
Applegate Gallery
Arena 1 Gallery / Santa Monica Art Studios
Art One Gallery
Bill Lowe Gallery
Cambridge Art Gallery
Christopher Grimes Gallery
Gallery 319
Hamilton Galleries
M. Hanks Gallery
Raw Style Gallery
See Line Gallery
Sherry Frumkin Gallery
TAG The Artists' Gallery
Ten Women - Main Street
Terrence Rogers Fine Art
Tracy Park Gallery
Bergamot Station Art Galleries
Copro Nason Gallery
Craig Krull Gallery
D3 Projects
First Independent Gallery (FIG)
Frank Lloyd Gallery
Frank Pictures
Gallery Luisotti
Greenfield Sacks Gallery
Ikon Ltd. Contemporary Art
James Gray Gallery
Lois Lambert Gallery / Gallery of Functional Art
Lora Schlesinger Fine Art
Mark Moore Gallery
Patricia Correia Gallery
Patrick Painter
Peter Fetterman Gallery
Richard Heller Gallery
Robert Berman Gallery
Rosamund Felsen Gallery
Rose Gallery
Ruth Bachofner Gallery
Samuel Freeman
Sarah Lee Artworks & Projects
Schomburg Gallery
Shoshana Wayne Gallery
Terra Galleria Artworks
Track 16 Gallery
William Turner Gallery
Venice Art Galleries
Aldis Browne Fine Arts
L.A. Louver
Ten Women - Main Street
Laguna Beach
BC Space
The Crystal Image
Dawson Cole Fine Art
Endangered Planet
Fingerhut Gallery of Laguna Beach
Miranda Galleries
Pacific Gallery
Peter Blake Gallery
Sherwood Gallery
The Signature Gallery
William Merrill Gallery
Wyland Gallery
Galleries North of Downtown
California Art Gallery
Gallery McCollum
Laguna North Gallery
Len Wood's Indian Territory
Lu Martin Galleries
Marion Meyer Contemporary Art
Martin Roberts Fine Arts
Quorum Art Gallery
Rohrer Fine Art
Sandstone Gallery
Schaar Gallery
Studio 7 Gallery (N Coast Hwy)
Sue Greenwood Fine Art
Whelan Galleries
Whitney Gallery
Galleries South of Downtown
Artist Eye / Laguna Gallery
The Bluebird Gallery
Demossa Gallery
Roark's Studio Gallery
Cove Gallery
DeRu's Fine Arts
Diana Ferrone Gallery
La Bottega
Larry Christy Studio Gallery
Mandarin Fine Art Gallery
Pacific Edge Gallery
Pure Color
Pure Laguna Beach
The Redfern Gallery
Situ Art Gallery
Vladimir Sokolov Gallery
La Jolla Art Galleries
Africa & Beyond
Alcala Gallery
The Artful Soul
Bartram Gallery
Charles Hecht Galleries
Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery
Cosmopolitan Fine Arts
Fingerhut Gallery of La Jolla
Galeria Jan
Hallmark Gallery
Joseph Bellows Gallery
K Nathan Gallery
La Jolla Art Association
Los Manos Del Artesano
Madison Gallery
Molloy Gallery
Morrison Hotel Gallery
Prospect Place Fine Art
Quint Contemporary Art
Renoir Fine Art
Siamak Art Gallery
Tasende Gallery
Newport Beach Art Galleries
Katherine Norris Fine Art
Lahaina Galleries
Martin Lawrence Galleries
Michael Zschoche Gallery
Peter J Art Gallery
South Coast Art Gallery
Susan Spiritus Gallery
Vallejo Gallery
Ojai Art Galleries
Human Arts
Ojai Style Fine Art Marketplace
Palette Barbara
Fritsche Gallery
Palm Desert Art Galleries
Adagio Gallery
A Gallery of Fine Art
ArtWorks Gallery
Coda Gallery
Desert Art Collection
Desert Art Source
Edenhurst Gallery
Eleonore Austerer Galery
Hart Gallery
Heather James Art & Antiquities
Imago Galleries
Jones & Terwilliger Galleries
J. Willott Gallery
R E Welch Gallery
Richard Danskin Galleries
S R Brennen Galleries
Zantman Art Galleries
Palm Springs Art Galleries
Dezart One Gallery
Heusso Gallery
Larkspur Fine Arts
M Modern Gallery
Palm Canyon Fine Arts
Ron Chespak Paper Sculpture
Silica Studios
Slaughter House Gallery
Stewart Galleries
Terra Fine Art Images
Thomas Gallery
San Diego Art Galleries
Art Cellar Exchange
The Art Collector
Art Expressions Gallery
Art Glass Association of Southern California
Art for Wildlife Galleries (Coronado)
Coronado Art Gallery (Coronado)
Exclusive Collections
Forseti Gallery
Four Walls Gallery
Gallery on Broadway
HaZoU Gallery
Many Hands Craft Gallery
Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts
Parkers' Posters
Perry L. Meyer Fine Art
San Diego Potters' Guild
Scott White Contemporary Art
Sharp Studio Gallery
Spanish Village Art Center
Whitt / Krauss Objects of Fine Art
Other Southern California Art Galleries
Alex Haleigh Gallery (Gardena)
Art Angles Gallery (Orange)
Edisto Gallery & Tea Room (Mammoth Lakes)
Edward Cella Art +Architecture (Santa Barbara)
EOS Gallery (Redlands)
Fine Art Soul (Valencia)
Gallery C (Hermosa Beach)
Daryl Millard Gallery (Solana Beach)
Galerie Yoramgil (Inglewood)
Hensler Fine Art (Redlands)
Howard Kline Gallery (Cambria)
Idyllwild Gallery of Fine Art (Idyllwild)
Ivanffy-Uhler Gallery (Ventura)
Julie Baker Fine Art (Grass Valley)
Kareem Amin Fine Art Gallery (Solano Beach)
Lawrence Gallery (Dublin)
Montmartre Art Gallery (Rancho Cucamonga)
Moonstones (Cambria)
Peregrine Galleries (Montecito)
Pierside Gallery (Huntington Beach)
Poulsen Galleries (Brawley)
Santa Barbara Art Company (Santa Barbara)
Seekers Glass Gallery (Cambria)
Skye Gallery (Idyllwild)
Soicher Marin (Hawthorne)
Sullivan Goss (Santa Barbara and Montecito)
Trios Fine Art Gallery (Solano Beach)
Waterfall Gallery (Lake Arrowhead)
Z Folio Gallery (Solvang)
Colorado Art Galleries
Boulder Art Galleries
Adagio Art Glass
Art Mart
Art & Soul Gallery
Art Source International
Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery
Mary Williams Fine Arts
The Middle Fish
Shankar Gallery
Smith Klein Gallery
Village Custom Framing and Art
Breckenridge Art Galleries
Altitude Fine Art Photography Gallery
Breckenridge Gallery
Buffalo Mountain Gallery
Fox Ridge Gallery
Hibberd McGrath Gallery
Paint Horse Gallery
Colorado Springs Art Galleries
Arati Artists Gallery
Art Brokers of Colorado
Art Gallery of the Rockies
Boulder Street Gallery
Hayden Hayes Gallery
Kemper Galleries
Pine Creek Art Gallery
Portiera Designs
The Squash Blossom
Denver Art Galleries Art District on Santa Fe
Artists On Santa Fe
Core New Art Space
Habitat Gallery & Studio
Sandra Phillips Gallery
Sandy Carson Gallery
Spark Gallery
Golden Triangle Museum District
Camera Obscura Gallery
Gallery 1261
Michele Mosko Fine Art
Native American Trading Company
William Havu Gallery
Walker Fine Art
River North Art District
Ironton Studios and Gallery
Plinth Gallery
Square 101 Gallery
Stripes Gallery
Other Denver Art Galleries
Abend Gallery of Fine Art
Angler Art & Gifts
Art Students League of Denver
Brushstrokes Studio - Gallery
Color and Light Gallery
David Cook Fine American Art
Emil Nelson Gallery
Ernest Fuller Fine Art
Gallerie Rouge
Knox Galleries
Mudhead Gallery
Old Map Gallery
Pirate: Contemporary Art
Pismo Fine Art Glass
Plus Gallery (new location soon)
Robischon Gallery
Royce Galleries
Rule Gallery
Saks Galleries
Savageau Gallery
Show of Hands
Sloane Gallery
Space Gallery
Tam O'Neill Fine Arts
West SouthWest
William Matthews Gallery
Fort Collins Art Galleries
Art on Mountain Fine Art Gallery
THE CACHE Gallery of Photography
Canyon Spirit Gallery
The Center for Fine Art Photography
The Collective Fine Art Gallery
Illustrated Light - Fine Art Photography
Indigo Gallery
Meko's Gallery & Framing
Trimble Court Artisans
Walnut Street Gallery
Loveland Art Galleries
Art of the Rockies
Braun Gallery
Columbine Galleries
Gallery East
Lincoln Gallery
Lundeen Sculpture
The Master's Fine Art of Loveland
Steamboat Springs Art Galleries
Artists' Gallery of Steamboat
Mountain Traditions Gallery
Portfolio Collection
Steamboat Art Company
Steamboat Springs Arts Council Gallery
Two Rivers Gallery, Ltd.
Thomas D. Mangelsen
The van Straaten Gallery
Wild Horse Gallery of Steamboat Springs
Telluride Art Gallerie
Elinoff & Company Gallery
Lucas Gallery
Lustre Gallery
Telluride Gallery of Fine Art
Winston Gallery of Fine Art
Vail Art Galleries
Cogswell Gallery
Claggett/Rey Gallery
DeMott Gallery
The Englishman
Gore Creek Gallery
Pismo Fine Art Glass
The Squash Blossom
Vail Fine Art
Philinda Gallery (Edwards)
Galleries in Other Colorado Cities
Ago Gallery (Ouray)
Arts at Georgetown (Georgetown)
The Basalt Gallery (Basalt)
Blue Raven Gallery (Silverton)
The Courtyard Gallery & Gifts (Buena Vista)
Earthwood Artisans & Collection (Estes Park)
Elk Horn Fine Art Gallery (Winter Park)
Shark's Ink (Lyons)Ellis West Gallery (Durango)
Wild Spirits Ltd. (Estes Park)
Wild Spirit Gallery (Pagosa Springs)
Summerfield Fine Art (Greeley)
Spirits in the Wind Gallery (Golden)
Shadow Mountain Gallery (Evergreen)
Rockrose Art Gallery (Montrose)
Red Canyon Art Co. (Lyons)
Pinon Fine Art (Littleton)
Ouray Gallery (Ouray)
The Evergreen Gallery (Evergreen)
Grand Lake Art Gallery (Grand Lake)
Main St Art Gallery (Littleton)
Marco Fine Art (Lakewood)
Mountain Man Gallery & Custom Framing (Como)

Art Galleries in Connecticut

Greenwich Art Galleries
AMT Fine Art
Cavalier Galleries, Inc.
Flinn Gallery
Greenwich Arts Center Gallery
Greenwich Gallery
Lois Richards Galleries
Meserve Coale Gallery
Quester Gallery
Litchfield Art Galleries
Bantam Fine Arts
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
New Arts Gallery
The Outsiders Art Gallery
P.S. Gallery
New Haven Art Galleries
City Gallery
Endleman Gallery
Kehler Liddell Gallery
Mona Berman Fine Arts
PABA Gallery
Thomas Colville Fine Art
White Space a Fine Gallery
Wunderlee Arts
New London Art Galleries
Alva Gallery
Golden Street Gallery
Mystic Fine Arts, Ltd.
Yah-Ta-Hey Gallery
Westport Art Galleries
Gallerie Je Reviens
Gallery at the Station
Westport River Gallery
Other Connecticut Art Galleries
Artful Eye Gallery (Guilford)
Wesleyan Potters (Middletown)
Stagecoach Gallery (Granby)
Quester Gallery (Stonington)
PMW Gallery (Stamford)
Leif Nilsson Spring Street Studio & Gallery (Chester)
Kelsey Sculpture Gallery (Roxbury)
Ironwood Gallery (Ridgefield)
Hartford Fine Art & Framing (East Hartford)
Gregory James Gallery (New Milford)
Gilded Lily Gallery (Milford)
The Genesis Gallery, Ltd (Stamford)
Arts Exclusive Gallery (Simsbury)
Artworks Gallery (Hartford)
Barker Animation Art Gallery (Cheshire)
Blue Circle Studio (Higganum)
Butler Fine Art (New Canaan)
The Caron Gallery (Chester)
Garden of Ideas (Ridgefield)
The Gallery North (Stamford)
Galerie SoNo (South Norwalk)
Firenze Gallery (Preston)
Catalyst Art Galleries (Manchester)
The Cooley Gallery (Old Lyme)
Don Barese Fine Art (Hamden)
Ego Art Gallery (Wallingford)
Einhorn Galleries (Orange)
eo art lab (Chester)
Fine American Art (Old Lyme)
Fenton River Gallery (Ashford)

Art Galleries in Delaware

Lewes Art Galleries
Josephine Keir Ltd.
Packard Reath Gallery
Peninsula Gallery
Thistles Fine Art
Rehoboth Beach Art Galleries
Coastal Frameshop and Gallery
Legends and Lore Gallery
Nassau Gallery & Framehouse
Reholboth Art League
Tideline Gallery
Wibert Art
Wilmington Art Galleries
Andre Harvy Bronze Sculpture
Blue Streak Gallery
Carspecken-Scott Gallery
Hardcastle Gallery
Schoonover Studios Ltd.
Other Art Galleries in Delaware
Blue Room Gallery & Gift Shop (Ocean View)
Creations Fine Woodworking Gallery (Hockessin)
Ellen Rice Gallery (Ocean View)
Hardcastle Gallery (Centreville)
Raubacher Gallery (Dover)
Somerville Manning Gallery (Greenville)
The Station Gallery (Greenville)
Tara's Studio Art Gallery (Bethany Beach)
Watson's Art Gallery (Laurel)
You've Been Framed (Newark)

Art Galleries in The District of Columbia

Dupont Circle Art Galleries
Aaron Gallery
Burdick Gallery of Inuit Art
Foundry Gallery
Gallery 10, Ltd.
Hillyer Art Space
Jane Haslem Gallery
Kathleen Ewing Gallery
Marsha Mateyka Gallery
Studio Gallery
Washington Printmakers Gallery
Other Washington D.C. Art Galleries
Adamson Gallery
Addison Ripley Fine Art
Alex Gallery
American Painting
Burton Marinkovich Fine Art
Carroll Square Gallery
The Watergate Gallery
Touchstone Gallery
Spectrum Gallery
R Street Gallery
Robert Brown Gallery
Randall Scott Gallery
Project 4
Prada Gallery
Parish Gallery
The Old Print Gallery
Newman Gallery
Civilian Art Projects
Conner Contemporary Art
Cross MacKenzie Ceramic Arts
Curator's Office
District Fine Arts
Dissident Display Gallery
Fine Art & Artists Gallery
Foliograph Gallery
Foxhall Gallery
Gallery plan b
Nevin Kelly Gallery
International Visions
Gary Edwards Gallery
GChris Sculpture Studio/Gallery
Geoffrey Diner Gallery
G Fine Art
Govinda Gallery
MU Project
Meat Market Gallery
Long View Gallery
Irvine Contemporary Art
Guarisco Gallery
Hamiltonian Gallery
Hemphill Fine Arts
Honfleur Art Gallery
Ingrid Hansen Gallery

Art Galleries in Florida

Boca Raton Art Galleries
Addison Gallery
Elaine Baker Gallery
Gallery Camino Real
Habatat Galleries
Karen Lynne Gallery
Leonid Afremov
MOdenArte Gallery
Pavo Real
Rosenbaum Contemporary
Sundook Fine Art Gallery
Coral Gables
The Americas Collection
Artspace / Virginia Miller Galleries
Cernuda Arte
Durban Segnini Gallery
Gary Nader Fine Arts
Patou Fine Art
Pop n' Art
Praxis International Art
Reed Savage Gallery
Key West Art Galleries
Alan S. Maltz Gallery
Archeo Gallery
Charest-Weinberg Gallery
The Gallery on Greene
Gingerbread Square Gallery
Glass Reunions
Guild Hall Gallery
Haitian Art Company
Harrison Gallery
Key West Fine Art Printing
KW - Light Gallery
Marine Wildlife Gallery
The Wave Gallery
Design District Art Galleries
Adamar Fine Arts
Art Fusion Gallery
Barbara Gillman Gallery
Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art
Daniel Azoulay Gallery
Diaspora Vibe Gallery
Etra Fine Art
European Art Gallery
Four Fine Arts
Lurie Fine Art Galleries
Miami Art Group Gallery
Wolfgang Roth & Partner Fine Art
Agustin Gainza Gallery
Cremata Fine Art
Maria Sonia Martin Gallery
Mildrey Guillot Gallery
Molina Fine Art Gallery
Unzueta Gallery
Zu Galeria Fine Arts
Wynwood Art District Art Galleries
Abba Fine Art
Art Rouge Gallery
Bakehouse Art Complex
Bernice Steinbaum Gallery
Chelsea Galleria
Curator's Voice
David Castillo Gallery
Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts
Dina Mitrani Gallery
Dorsch Gallery
Dot Fiftyone Gallery
DPM Gallery
Durban Segnini Gallery
FIFI projects
Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Galerie Bertin-Toublanc
Gallery Diet
Gary Nader Fine Art
Hardcore Art Contemporary Space
Harold Golen Gallery
Kevin Bruk Gallery
Locust Projects
Luis Adelantado Miami
Luis Perez Galeria
Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery
The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse
Pan American Art Projects
Rubell Family Collection
Sammer Gallery
Seth Jason Beitler
Spinello Gallery
Other Miami Art Galleries
AJ Japour Gallery
Alonso Art
Atelier Feyerabend & Hublerr
Beaux Arts Gallery
Elite Art Editions
Evelyn Aimis Fine Art
Györy & Osiris Art Studio
Hang Art Gallery
Hirsch Fine Art
Leonard Tachmes Gallery
Opera Gallery Miami (Bal Harbour)
The Wallflower Gallery
Naples Art Galleries
Alan Brown Gallery
Darvish Collection, Inc.
Davis / Keil Fine Art
DeBruyne Fine Art
Eckert Fine Art
Gallery Azur
Gallery Matisse
Gardner Colby Gallery
Harmon-Meek Gallery
HW Gallery
Journeyman Gallery
Longstreth Goldberg Art
Marianne Friedland Gallery
Marine Arts Gallery
Native Visions Galleries
Rick Moore Fine Art Gallery
Shaw Gallery
Trudy Labell Fine Art
Weatherburn Gallery
Orlando Art Galleries
Bold Hype
CityArts Factory
Clay Bodies Gallery
Comma Gallery
Creative Spirit Gallery
Gallery Q
Grand Bohemian Gallery
Galleria Portofino
La Vida Galleria
Maria Reyes Jones Art Gallery
Mennello Museum of American Art
Millenia Gallery
Suz Letzig Gallery
The Villa Fine Art Gallery
Wenterworth Gallery
Wyland Galleries of Florida
Palm Beach Art Galleries
Art Wise International
Gallery of Sculpture
Gasiunasen Gallery
John H. Surovek Gallery
Phillips Galleries
Onessimo Fine Art (Palm Beach Gardens)
Wally Findlay Galleries
Sarasota Art Galleries
Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art
Art Uptown Gallery
The Collectors Wall
Dabbert Gallery
Galleria Sileccha
The Gallery Reserve, Inc.
Howard Schickler Fine Art
Katharine Butler Gallery
KingHale Gallery
Paradise Gallery
Sonnet Gallery
St. Augustine Art Galleries
Vaughn Cochran Fine Art
Butterfield Garage Art Gallery
Carrera Gallery
Crooked Palm Gallery
Cutter & Cutter Fine Art Galleries
Mullet Beach Gallery
P.A.St.A Fine Art Gallery
St. Petersburg Art Galleries
Studio Encanto Art Gallery
Alla Prima Fine Art
The Arts Center
Confident Fine Arts
Mirage Crystal Gallery
Nancy Markoe Gallery
P. Buckley Moss Gallery
Red Cloud American Indian Art
Shapiro's at BayWalk
St. Petersburg Clay Company
Tampa Art Galleries
WallBound Fine Art
Brad Cooper Gallery
Clayton Galleries
Hand Made In Florida Craft Gallery
Michael Murphy Gallery
National Wall Art Gallery
Nuance Galleries
Winter Park Art Galleries
Timothy's Gallery
Albertson-Peterson Gallery
Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens
Cornell Fine Arts Museum
Flying Turtle Gallery
Frames Forever & Art Gallery
Fredlund Gallery
Jeanine Taylor Folk Art
McRae Art Studios
Morse Museum of American Art
Other Florida Art Galleries
Weatherall Fine Art (Santa Rosa Beach)
Arts on Douglas (New Smyrna Beach
Bayfront Gallery (Pensacola)
Bettcher Gallery (South Beach)
Eclectic Galleries (Jacksonville Beach)
Elite Art of Africa Gallery (Jupiter)
Ellen Charapko Gallery (Ft Lauderdale)
F/8 Gallery (Largo)
Fifth Avenue Art Gallery (Melbourne)
Fogle Fine Art (Jacksonville)
Fusion Art Glass (Seaside)
Gallery 142 (DeLand)
Gallery One Artists (Kissimmee)
Gold Leaf Gallery & Framing (DeLand)
LoPressionism Gallery (Melbourne)
Native American Fine Art (Venice)
The Plainsmen Gallery (Clearwater)
R. Roberts Gallery (Jacksonville)
Stellers Gallery (Jacksonville)
Syd Entel Galleries (Safety Harbor)
Venice Gallery (Venice)
Village of the Arts (Bradenton)

Art Galleries in Atlanta

Decatur Art Galleries
Jill Celeste Gallery
Marietta Art Galleries
Avery Gallery
Avisca Fine Art
dk Gallery
Frameworks Gallery
Durrett Studio & Gallery
Regency House Fine Art and Framing
The Seen Gallery
Savannah Art Galleries
2CarGarage Contemporary Art Gallery
Antique Art Market
A.T Hun Art Gallery
Barbara Archer Gallery
Chroma Gallery
Dimensions Gallery
Friedman's Fine Art
The Gallery
Gallery 209
John Tucker Fine Arts
Kim Iocovozzi Fine Art
Maxine Helmey
Ray Ellis Gallery
Sharon Saseen Studio
Village Craftsmen
Whitney Gallery
William Armstrong Art Studio
Other Georgia Art Galleries
Aardvark's Art Alley (Oakwood)
Anderson Fine Art Gallery (St. Simons Island)
Artist In Residence (LaGrange)
Atlantic Beacon Gallery (Tybee Island)
Fayette Art Center and Gallery
The Funky Chicken Art Project (Dahlonega)
High Country Art & Antique (Blue Ridge)
Irene Sullivan Gallery (Tybee Island)
Main Street Gallery (Clayton)
Mary Pauline Gallery (Augusta)
Spence Art Gallery (Stockbridge)
Vinings Gallery (Smyrna)
Wild Child Arts (Monroe)

Art Galleries in Hawaii

Honolulu Art Galleries
The Arts at Marks Garage
Bethel Street Gallery
Cedar Street Galleries
Diamond Head Gallery
Dolphin Galleries
Fine Art Associates, Inc.
Gallery Lau Chun
Hawai'i Craftsmen
Honolulu Printmakers
Island Art Group
Lassen Gallerie
Louis Pohl Gallery
Mauna Kea Galleries
Native Winds Gift Gallery
Nohea Gallery
Pegge Hopper Gallery
Pitre Fine Arts, Inc
Robyn Buntin of Honolulu
Tabora Gallery
Tennent Art
Foundation Gallery
Wyland Galleries Hawaii
Other Oahu Art Galleries
The Balcony Gallery (Kailua)
Sunshine Arts Hawaii (Kaneohe)
Lahaina Art Galleries
Bella Vetri Gallery
Carolyn Quan Gallery
Christian Lassen Art Galleries
Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery
Diamond Head Gallery
Dolphin Galleries
Gallerie Hawaii
Kush Fine Art
Lahaina Arts Society
Lahaina Galleries
Lahaina Printsellers
Lassen Galerie
Lost World Arts
Martin Lawrence Galleries
Maui Hands
Sargent's Fine Art
The Village Galleries Maui
Vintage European Posters
Wyland Galleries Hawaii
Makawao Art Galleries
Gallery Maui
Hot Island Glass
Maui Hands
Viewpoints Gallery
Wailea Art Galleries
Dolphin Galleries
Eclectic Image Gallery of Maui
Lahaina Galleries
NaPua Gallery
Other Maui Art Galleries
Arthur Dennis Williams Gallery(Kula)
The Cutis Wilson Cost Gallery (Kula)
Dolphin Galleries (Kaanapali)
Gyotaku Maui (Haiku)
Hana Coast Gallery (Hana)
The Image Station (Kihei)
Lahaina Printsellers (Kaanapali)
Maui Hands (Kaanapali)
Maui Crafts Guild (Paia)
Kauai Art Galleries
Kela's Glass Art (Kapaa)
Mark Daniells Gallery (Hanalei)
Ship Store Galleries (Kapa'a)
Molokai Art Galleries
Molokai Fine Arts Gallery (Molokai)
Lanai Art Galleries
Mike Carroll Gallery (Lanai City)
Hawaii Art Galleries
A Piece of Paradise (Lihue)
Ackerman Galleries (Kapa'au)
Dolphin Galleries (Waikoloa)
Dreams of Paradise Gallery (Hilo)
Genesis Gallery (Waikoloa)
The Grove Gallery (Hilo)
Harbor Gallery (Kamuela)
Sachi Art Hawaii (Kona)
Shelly Maudsley White Gallery (Holualoa)
Sue Swerdlow Art Gallery (Kapa'au)
Valcano Art Center (Volcano)
Waipio Valley Artworks (Kukuihale)
Wyland Galleries Hawaii (Kailua-Kona)

Art Galleries in Idaho

Boise Art Galleries
Art Source Gallery
Boise Art Glass
Brown's Gallery
BSU SUB Gallery
Cole / Marr Photography
Gallery 601
J. Crist Gallery
List Gallery
R. Grey Gallery
Stewart Gallery
Coeur d'Alene Art Galleries
The Art Spirit Gallery
Coeur d'Alene Galleries
Devin Galleries
Northwest Artists Co-operative
Painter's Chair Fine Art Gallery
Ketchum and Sun Valley Art Galleries
African Fine Arts
Anne Reed Gallery
Broschofsky Galleries
Dill & Spowze
Purveyors of Art
The Dream Catcher
Frederic Boloix Fine Arts
Friesen Gallery
Gallery DeNovo
Gail Severn Gallery
Gilman Contemporary
Green Antelope Gallery (Bellevue)
Images of Nature Gallery
Kneeland Gallery
Sun Valley Center for the Arts
The Woods Gallery
Other Idaho Art Galleries
Art Works Gallery (Sandpoint)
Blue Planet Photography (Nampa)
Carr Gallery (Idaho Falls)
Elegance In Art (Idaho Falls)
Finer Frames (Meridian)
Greg Olsen Gallery (Meridian)
Northwest Handmade (Sandpoint)
The Potters Center (Garden City)
Timber Stand Gallery (Sandpoint)

Art Galleries in Illinois

Champaign Art Galleries
Boneyard Pottery
Larry Kanfer Photography Gallery
Parkland Art Gallery
Evanston Art Galleries
FolkWorks Gallery
Gallery Mornea
Great Lakes Art Studio
The Collected Image
Maple Avenue Gallery
Poet House & Gallery
The Pot Shop
Tucker Gallery
Oak Park Art Galleries
The Art House
Skokie Art Galleries
Picture Us Galleries
Prestige Art Gallery
The Village Art Gallery
Other Illinois Art Galleries
Anne Loucks Gallery (Glencoe)
Arthur M. Feldman Gallery (Highland Park)
Arts & More Gallery (Red Bud)
Best Art Shop Gallery (Naperville)
Broken Oak Gallery (White Heath)
Cinema Gallery (Urbana)
Final Touch Gallery (Mattoon)
Gallery 28 Fine & Functional Art (Geneva)
The Glass Palette (Millburn)
Kamp Gallery (Winnetka)
Lockport Street Gallery (Plainfield)
Maclund Gallery (Winnetka)
Manneken Press (Bloomington)
Martin Lawrence Galleries (Oak Brook)
Picture Us Galleries (Gurnee, Northbrook, Lombard)
Prairie Fire Glass (Monticello)
Prestige Art Gallery (Skokie)
R. C. Danon Gallery (Wilmette)
Sunday Afternoon Gallery (Winnetka)
Wildwood Gallery & Framing (Lockport)
Ziemer Gallery (Monticello)

Art Galleries in Indiana

Bloomington Art Galleries
By Hand Gallery
Gallery North on the Square
Prima Gallery
SoFA Gallery (Indiana University)
Wandering Turtle Art Gallery
Indianapolis Art Galleries
Artifacts Gallery
Brown County Fine Art
Brown County Craft Gallery
CircaArts Gallery
Lotus Petal Gallery
Spears Gallery
Waldron Gallery
The Spurious Fugitive
Davis Fine Art
Figtree Gallery
South Bend Art Galleries
Bear Creek Gallery
C.W. Mundy Fine Art Gallery
Dean Johnson Gallery
Domont Studio Gallery
Eckert & Ross Fine Art
Editions Limited Gallery
The Hoosier Salon
Ironeyes Gallery
Masterpiece Gallery & Framing
Pivot Gallery
Renditions Fine Art Gallery
Ruschman Art Gallery
Other Indiana Art Galleries
Artlink (Fort Wayne)
The Artist's Vineyard (Noblesville)
ArtWorks (Muncie)
Blue Heron Art Gallery (Liberty)
CCA Gallery (Zionsville)
Covered Bridge Art Gallery (Rockville)
Framed Wright Art Gallery (Thorntown)
Gallery 308 (Muncie)
Gallery 8010 (Fort Wayne)
Gallery One 36 (Westfield)
Lake Street Gallery(Gary)
Lee Marks Fine Art (Shelbyville)
Mitchell Place Gallery (Muncie)
Mudcat Pottery (Madison)
New Harmony Gallery (New Harmony)
Riverwind Gallery (Newburgh)
Snow Goose Gallery (Union Mills)
Sycamore Fine Arts (Goshen)

Art Galleries in Iowa

Des Moines Art Galleries
Deck The Walls
Dot's Gallery and Frame Shop
Karolyn Sherwood
Kenneth Paul Gallery
Maynard Reece Gallery
M. C. Ginsberg Fine Art
Moberg Gallery
Padma Gallery
Tandem Brick Gallery
West Des Moines Art Galleries
Kavanaugh Art Gallery
M.C. Ginsberg Fine Art
Olson-Larsen Galleries
The Great Frame Up
Other Iowa Art Galleries
AKAR (Iowa City)
Agora Arts (Decorah)
Campbell Steele Gallery (Marion)
CornerHouse Gallery and Frame (Cedars Rapids)
The Framing Nook (Cherokee)
Gortz Haus Gallery (Grimes)
Heritage Art Galleries (Cedar Falls & Waterloo)
Hudson River Gallery (Iowa City)
Iowa Artisans Gallery (Iowa City)
Octagon Center For The Arts (Ames)
Old City Hall Gallery (Maquoketa)
Robert Sissel Studio Gallery (Iowa City)
Smith's Gallery and Framing (Belmond)
Walnut Street Gallery (Ankeny)
White's Woodworking & Art Gallery (Osceola)
Witter Gallery (Storm Lake)
Zack Wildlife Art Gallery (Ankeny)

Art Galleries in Kansas

Topeka Art Galleries
Alice C. Sabatini Gallery
Frameshop and Gallery
South Winds Gallery at Framewoods
Glass Expressions Gallery
Phoenix Gallery
Topeka Art Guild & Gallery
Wichita Art Galleries
Fine and Decorative Art at Eaton Place
Firehouse Gallery
Fisch Haus Studios
LineSight Gallery
Mead Street Gallery and Gifts
Mid-America Fine Arts
Wichita Center for the Art
Lawrence Art Galleries
Diane's Artisan Gallery
Fields Gallery
Framewoods Gallery
Phoenix Gallery
Signs of Life Gallery
Other Kansas Art Galleries
Artspring (Salina)
Bow Studio and Gallery (Abilene)
Brick Street Gallery (Lindsborg)
Carriage Factory Gallery (Newton)
Courtyard Gallery (Lindsborg)
Gallery Karl Oskar (Prairie Village)
Park Place Gallery of Fine Art (Leawood)
Prairiebrooke Arts (Overland Park)
Sagebrush Gallery of Western Art (Medicine Lodge)
Strecker-Nelson Gallery (Manhattan)
The Studio Gallery (Hays)
Studio Whitfield (Lindsborg)
Tallgrass Fine Art (Great Bend)

Art Galleries in Kentucky

Lexington Art Gallerie
Ann Tower Gallery
Artists Arric
Collectors Gallery
Cross Gate Gallery
The Equine Gallery
Factory 15 Design Studio and Gallery
Fayette Gallery
Gallery B
Heike Pickett Gallery at CMW
House of Pictures and Frames
Lexington Art League
Miller Fine Art & Framing
New Editions Gallery
Starving Artist Outlet
Wingspan Gallery
Your Frame of Mind
Louisville Art Galleries
B Deemer Gallery
Chapman Friedman Gallery
The E & S Gallery
Flame Run
Gallery Nulu
Glassworks Gallery
Higgins Maxwell Gallery
Horse and Hound Gallery
Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft
Louisville Visual Art Association
Ming Gallery
Objects of Desire Gallery
Swanson Reed Contemporary
Zephyr Gallery
Marcum's Gallery
Paducah Art Galleries
BrokenStone Press and Gallery
Egg & I Fine Art & Crafts
Mark Palmer Gallery
Pinecone Gallery
Stornoway House Gallery
Other Kentucky Art Galleries
Adams Gallery
The Art Depository
Banana Tree Studios Flemingsburg)
Heike Pickett Gallery (Versailles)
Kentucky Folk Art Center (Morehead)
Kentucky Haus Craft Gallery (Newport)
Leapin Lizard Gallery (Covington)
Lot 916 (Bowling Green)
Marx Gallery (Covington)
Sandra Small Gallery (Covington)
These Precious Things (Lebanon)

Art Galleries in Louisiana

New Orleans Art Galleries
A Gallery for Fine Photography
Angela King Gallery
Anton Haardt Gallery
Art for the Soul
Arthur Roger Gallery
Barrister's Gallery
BEE Galleries
Bernard K. Passman Galleries
Bryant Galleries
Callan Fine Art
Carol Robinson Gallery
Cole Pratt Gallery
d.o.c.s Gallery
Elliott Gallery
Fine Arts Gallery of New Orleans
galerie éclat
Galerie Royale
Gallery Rinard
George Schmidt Gallery
Glass Light Gallery
Herbert Halpern Fine Arts
Heriard-Cimino Gallery
Jean Bragg Gallery
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
Kurt E. Schon, Ltd.
Martin Lawrence Galleries
LeMieux Galleries
Rodrique Studio
Royal Cameo Glass
Stella Jones Gallery
Stone and Press Galleries
Thomas Mann Metal Art
Vincent Art
Windsor Fine Art
Other Art Galleries in Louisiana
Brunner Gallery (Covington)
Caffery Gallery (Baton Rouge)
Galerie Severn (Metarie)
Gallerie De Bautte (Sidell)
Gilley's Gallery (Baton Rouge)
Nader's Gallery (Shreveport)
Taylor Clark Gallery (Baton Rouge)
Teri Galleries (Metairie)

Art Galleries in Main

Portland Art Galleries
Barridoff Galleries
Fore Street Gallery
Greenhut Galleries
Jameson Art Group
June Fitzpatrick Gallery
Other Maine Art Galleries
Bayview Gallery (Camden & Brunswick)
Blue Water Fine Arts (Port Clyde)
Caldbeck Gallery (Rockland)
Carver Hill Gallery (Rockport)
Eastport Gallery (Eastport)
The Fine Art Print Gallery (Bath)
The Firehouse Gallery (Damariscotta)
Flecturer Gallery (New Harbor)
Frost Gully Gallery (Freeport)
Gallery-by-the-Sea (Port Clyde)
Home & Away Gallery (Kennebunkport)
Kicking Bull Gallery (Wells)
L.A. Frechette Gallery (Kennebunk)
Leigton Gallery (Blue Hill)
Mulford Gallery (Rockport)
The Oak - An Art Gallery (Kennebunk)
Turtle Gallery (Deer Isle)
Wiscasset Bay Gallery (Wiscasset)

Art Galleries in Maryland

Annapolis Art Gallery
American Craftworks Collection
Annapolis Marine Art Gallery
Atlantic Arts
Aurora Gallery
Dawson Gallery
DeMatteis Gallery
Easy Street Gallery
Gallery 1683
La Petite Galerie
McBride Gallery
MFA Circle Gallery
Vizions Art Gallery
Baltimore Galleries
1448 - Artists' Housing, Inc.
Antreasian Gallery
Art Gallery of Fells Point
Canton Gallery
Tradestone Gallery
Thomas Segal Gallery
Studio Gallery
Robert McClintock
Pearl Gallery
C. Grimaldis Gallery
Craig Finner Gallery
Fells Fired Studio Gallery
Goya Contemporary.
Gallery 211
Gallery Imperato
The Large Art Company
Light Street Gallery
Meredith Gallery
Bethesda Art Gallerie
Creative Partners Gallery
Discovery Galleries, LTD.
Fraser Gallery
Gallery Neptune
Heineman Myers Contemporary Art
Osuna Art
Chevy Chase Art Galleries
Marin-Price Galleries
Rossdhu Gallery
Sandra Berler Gallery
Easton Art Galleries
Grafton Galleries
South Street Art Gallery
Troika Gallery Fine Art Studio
Ellicott City Art Galleries
Gallery 44
Sheppard Art Gallery
Other Maryland Art Galleries
Artful Framing and Gallery (Takoma Park)
Artists' Gallery (Columbia)
Capricorn Galleries (Rockville)
Gallery RoCa-Fine Arts & Accessories
The Red Door Gallery (Frederick)
Steven Scott Gallery (Owings Mills)
Towson Arts Collective (Towson)
Towson Framing Gallery (Towson)

Art Galleries in Massachusetts

Newbury Street Galleries
Acme Fine Art
Alpha Gallery
Arden Gallery
Axelle Fine Arts
Barbara Krakow Gallery
Beth Urdang Gallery
Chase Gallery
Childs Gallery
DTR Modern
Galerie d'Orsay
Gallery NAGA
International Poster Gallery
Judi Rotenberg Gallery
Kidder Smith Gallery
Lanoue Fine Art
L'Attitude Gallery
Martha Richardson Fine Art
Martin Lawrence Gallery
Mercury Gallery
Miller Block Gallery
Newbury Fine Arts
Nielson Gallery
Pucker Gallery
Robert Klein Gallery
St. George Gallery
Victoria Munroe Fine Art
Vose Galleries of Boston
SOWA Arts District Galleries
Anthony Greene
Ars Libri Ltd.
Bernard Toale Gallery
Boston Sculptors Gallery
Bromfield Art Gallery
Carroll & Sons
Diamond-Newman Fine Arts
Galeria Cubana
Gallery Kayafas
Howard Yezerski Gallery
Katherine Houston
Khaki Gallery
Kingston Gallery
Laconia Gallery
OH+T Gallery
OSP Gallery
Samson Projects
Soprafina Gallery
Vessels Gallery
Walker Contemporary
Other Boston Art Galleries
Berenberg Gallery
Diana Levine Fine Art
Gallery Anthony Curtis
Gurari Collections
Hamill Gallery of African Art
Iris Gallery of Photography
JMW Gallery
Judith Dowling Asian Art
Julie Chae Gallery
Keiko Gallery
LaMontagne Gallery
Panopticon Gallery of Photography
Tepper Takayama
Cambridge Art Galleries
38 Cameron Gallery
CAC Gallery
Gallery 263
Hurst Gallery
Mobilia Gallery
Mud Flat Gallery
Out of the Blue Art Gallery
Zeitgeist Gallery
Nantucket Art Galleries
Art Cabinet
The Brigham Galleries
The Clay Art Studio
Cavalier Galleries
Dane Gallery
The Gallery at Four India
Hoorn-Ashby Gallery
Nantucket Gallery
Page Bond Gallery
Pierce Galleries
Sailor's Valentine Gallery
Spectrum Gallery
William Welch Gallery
Martha's Vineyard Art Galleries
Andrew Gordon Moore Gallery (Oak Bluffs)
Belushi Pisano Gallery (Vineyard Haven)
Carol Craven Gallery (Vineyard Haven)
Dragonfly Gallery (Oak Bluffs)
Edgartown Art Gallery (Edgartown)
Eisenhauer Gallery (Edgartown)
Etherington Fine Art (Vineyard Haven)
Gardner Colby Gallery (Edgartown)
The Granary Gallery at the Red Barn (West Tisbury)
Indian Hill Press (West Tisbury)
Seastone Papers (West Tisbury)
Shaw Cramer Gallery (Vineyard Haven)
Provincetown Art Galleries
Albert Merola Gallery
Berta Walker Gallery
Clibbon Gallery
Equator Gallery
Ernden Fine Art Gallery
Fowler Gallery
Galleriea Artemisia
Gallery Voyeur
Harvey Dodd Gallery
Hilda Neily Gallery
Julie Heller Gallery
Kiley Court Gallery
The Packard Gallery
Rice / Polak Gallery
Simie Maryles Gallery
Tristan Gallery
William-Scott Gallery
Wohlfarth Galleries
Other Massachusetts Art Galleries
Artana (Brookline)
Art Attack (Somerville)
Art House Gallery (Brewster)
Beach Street Studios (Manchester-by-the-Sea)
Blue Heron Gallery (Wellfleet)
The Child at Heart Art Gallery (Newburyport)
Cape Gallery Framer (Falmouth)
Chatham Pottery (South Chatham)
Clark Gallery (Lincoln)
Creiger-Dane Gallery (Brookline)
Cove Gallery (Wellfleet)
Dickinson Art Gallery (Weymouth)
East Bay Gallery (Osterville)
Gallery 333 (North Falmouth)
Holsten Galleries (Stockbridge)
Jan Collins Selman Fine Art (Falmouth Village)
John Stobart Galleries (Beverly)
J. Todd Galleries (Wellesley)
Kensington-Stobart Gallery (Salem)
Lacoste Gallery (Concord)
Lee Gallery (Winchester)
Left Bank Gallery (Orleans)
Lepore Fine Arts (Newburyport)
Marine Arts Gallery (Salem)
Michael Stoffa Gallery (Rockport)
Mingo Gallery (Berverly)
Page Waterman Gallery (Wellesley)
Plum Gallery (Williamstown)
Powers Gallery (Acton)
Raimo Gage Fine Art (Ipswish)
Renjeau Galleries (Concord)
River Gallery (Ipswich)
Saxonville Studios (Farmington)
Sola Gallery (Brewster)
Sparrow House Pottery (Plymouth)
Tao Water Art Gallery (Barnstable)
Teichman Gallery (Brewster)
Trees's Place Art Gallery (Orleans)
The Wynne/Falconer Gallery (Chatham)
Wenniger Gallery (Rockport)
Woods Hole Gallery (Woods Hole)
Zullo Gallery (Medfield)
Alpers Fine Art (Andover)
Abigail Furey Fine Prints & Drawings (Brighton)
Addison Art Gallery (Orleans)

Art Galleries in Michigan

Ann Arbor Art Galleries
16 Hands Gallery
Art Search
Ave Maria Fine Art Gallery
Gallery Von Glahn
Matrix Gallery
Selo/Shevel Gallery
Washington Street Gallery
Yourist Pottery Studio
Birmingham Art Galleries
Artspace II
Avenue Gallery
Cowboy Trader Gallery
David Klein Gallery
The Halsted Gallery
Lemberg Gallery
Robert Kidd Gallery
Woodward Gallery
Yaw Gallery
Detroit Art Galleries
4731 Gallery
Detroit Artists Market
Exquisite Japanese Calligraphy Gallery (Troy)
G.R. N'Namdi Gallery
Izzy's Raw Art Gallery
Jo's Gallery
Maniscalco Gallery of Fine Art
Michigan Hot Glass Workshop
Pewabic Pottery
Sherry Washington Gallery
Gallerie 454 (Grosse Pointe)
Maniscalco Gallery of Fine Art (Grosse Pointe)
The Lawrence Street Gallery (Ferndale)
Lemberg Gallery (Ferndale)
Lemberg Gallery (Ferndale)
Revolution (Ferndale)
Susanne Hilberry Gallery (Ferndale)
Touch of Light(Ferndale)
Grand Rapids Art Galleries
Collins Fine Art
Gallery 154
Hearth Lane Pottery
LaFontsee Galleries
The Photography Room
Other Michigan Galleries
231 House of Muses (Marquette)
Artcenter (Traverse City)
Art & Soul Gallery (Traverse City)
Art Cats Gallery (Muskegon)
Art Leaders Gallery(West Bloomfield)
Artworks (Big Rapids)
Biddle Gallery (Wandotte)
Blue Coast Artists (South Haven)
Chelsea Gallery (Chelsea)
Cycling Salamander (Charlevoix)
Dreese Fine Art & Framing (Spring Lake)
Exquisite Japanese Calligraphy Gallery (Troy)
Fuentes Gallery (Wyandotte)
Jessica Bohus - Blue Roan Studio (Fennville)
Khnemu Studio / Dawn Soltysiak (Fennville)
Main Frame Gallery (Mt. Pleasant)
Margot's Gallery (Oxford)
Military Art Gallery (Mt. Clemens)
Morning Dance Gallery (Okemos)
Park West Gallery (Southfield)
River Gallery (Chelsea)
Gallery 327 (Port Huron)
Gallery 4 (Brighton)
Habatat Galleries (Royal Oak)
Harris Street Folk Art Gallery (Rochester)
Jagged Edge Gallery
River's Edge Gallery (Wyandotte)
Saper Galleries (East Lansing)
ThirdStone Gallery (Saugatuck)
Village Picture Framing & Art Gallery (Dearborn)
White Oak Studio and Gallery (Pullman)

Art Galleries in Minnesota

Minneapolis Art Galleries
Altered Esthetics
Artistic Indulgence
Art of This Gallery
Art Resources Gallery
ArTrujillo Gallery
Circa Gallery
Creative Electric Studios
Daley Illustration Gallery
Flanders Contemporary Art
Form + Content Gallery
Franklin Art Works
Frank Stone Gallery
Gallery 13
Groveland Gallery
Gallery 122 @ Hang It
Icebox Gallery
Jean Stephen Galleries
J. Pierce White Oak Gallery
KQ Fine Art
Nina Bliese Gallery
Northern Clay Center
ON Gallery
Premier Gallery
reSee Gallery
Rogue Buddha Gallery
Rosalux Gallery
Sosin & Sosin Gallery
Sosin & Sosin Gallery
Susan Hensel Gallery
Tea Leaf Gallery
Thomas Barry Fine Arts
Two 12 Pottery
Vern Carver & Beard Art Galleries
Weinstein Gallery
Xylos Gallery of Fine Woodwork
Other Minneapolis Art Exhibition Spaces
Art Holdings
Highpoint Center for Printmaking
Homewood Studios
Intermedia Arts
Midway Contemporary Art
Minnesota Center for Photography
Soap Factory
St. Paul Art Galleries
Art Resources Gallery
AZ Gallery
Evoke Gallery
Gallery OKTO
The Grand Hand Gallery
Lisan Gallery of Art
Other Minnesota Art Galleries
Art Barbarians (Rogers)
Avalon Arts (White Bear Lake)
Bluff Country Artists Gallery
Brandenburg Gallery (Ely)
Collectors Gallery (Woodbury)
Doubletake Gallery (Burnsville)
Eagle Creek Gallery (Savage)
Kelly Frame & Fine Art (Woodbury)
Kulak Art Company (Woodbury)
Lizard's Art Gallery & Framing (Duluth)
Metropolitan Art and Frame (Roseville)
Mill House Gallery (Chaska)
Swanson Gallery (Edina)
YY Gallery & Studio (Edina)

Art Galleries in Mississippi

Biloxi Art Galleries
The Andrew Jessup Gallery
Negrotto's Gallery
Ohr-Okeefe Museum of Art
Hattiesburg Art Galleries
A Gallery
South Mississippi Art Association
PhotoArts Studio
Jackson Art Galleries
Brown's Fine Art and Framing
Bryant Galleries
Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi
Fondren Traders
Gallery 119
Joy McAllister Art
Municipal Art Gallery
Nunnery's Gallery
Southern Breeze Gallery
Wyatt Waters Gallery
Vicksburg Art Galleries
The Attic Gallery
H. C. Porter Gallery
Other Mississippi Art Galleries
Cat Head (Clarksdale)
Clay and Canvas (Saltillo)
Jackson Street Gallery (Ridgeland)
Magnolia Framing & Art Gallery (Gautier)
Meridian Artists' Co-Op (Meridian)
Southside Gallery (Oxford)

Art Galleries in Missouri

Kansas City Art Galleries
Artworks of Kansas City
Cross Roads Blues Gallery
Blue Gallery
The Bohemian Gallery
Byron C. Cohen Gallery
Eva Reynolds Fine Arts
Dolphin Gallery
Grand Arts
Green Door Gallery
FaFa Gallery
The Hilliard Gallery
Joseph Nease Gallery
Kansas City Artists Coalition
The Lawrence Lithography Workshop
Leedy-Voulkos Art Center
Leopold Gallery
Red Star Studios Ceramic Center
Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art
Springfield Art Galleries
Bellwether Gallery of the Arts
Good Girl Art Gallery
Josh Mitchell Gallery
Springfield Hot Glass Studio
Springfield Pottery
Waverly House Gifts & Gallery
St. Louis Art Galleries
Atrium Gallery
Barucci Gallery
Blagbrough Galleries
Boots Contemporary
Art Space
Bruno David Gallery
Bruno David Gallery
The Caitlyn Gallery
Componere Gallery of Art and Fashion
Craft Alliance
Duane Reed Gallery
Fine Art Ltd.
Galerie Bonheur
Gallery Urbis Orbis
Glasshopper Studio
Greenberg Van Doren Gallery
Hughes Fine Art Gallery
Kodner Gallery
Xen Gallery
Krueger Pottery
MAD Art Gallery
Marquess Gallery
Norton's Fine Art & Framing
Philip Slein Gallery
Shaw's Gallery
Stein Gallery of Fine Art
Urbis Orbis Gallery
William Shearburn Fine Art
Other Missouri Art Galleries
Arts & More Gallery (Red Bud)
Art Trends Gallery (Chesterfield)
Caitlyn Gallery (Clayton)
Edward Bernard Gallery (Cape Girardeau)
Gallery M (Manchester)
Gateway Gallery (Clayton)
Harco Gallery (Columbia)
J. Franklin Gallery (St. Joseph)
Marianist Galleries (Kirkwood)
Northland Exposure Artist’s Gallery (Parksville)
Strecker-Nelson Gallery (Manhattan)
Valley of Many Deer Gallery (Chilhowee)

Art Galleries in Montana

Billings Art Galleries
Bill McIntosh Gallery
Far West Gallery
Fine Things Gallery
Flatiron Gallery
Meadowlark Gallery
Rimrock Art & Frame
Toucan Gallery
Bozeman Art Galleries
Antler Creek
The Artists; Gallery
The Art Shoppe
Artworks Gallery
Botanica Fine Art
The Bridaham Collection
Chaparral Fine Art
Coffrin's Old West Gallery
Frameworks Design Gallery
Grey Fox Gallery
Indian Uprising Gallery
Montana Trails Gallery
Old Main Gallery & Framing
Tierney Fine Art
Thomas Nygard Gallery
Visions West Galleries
Missoula Art Galleries
The Clay Studio of Missoula
Dana Gallery
Gallery Saintonge
Gibson & Schweyen Gallery
L.A. Design Custom Framing
Monte Dolack Gallery
Pirnie Art Showroom
Sutton West Gallery
The Missoula Artists' Shop
Whooping Crones Gallery
Wm. Gamradt Gallery
Galleries in Other Montana Cities
Abbrescia Fine Art & Pottery (Kalispell)
Basin Creek Pottery and Gallery (Basin)
Bayside Gallery (Bigfork)
Belgrade Gallery and Gifts (Belgrade)
Common Ground Western Art & Gifts (Red Lodge)
Dawson County Arts Unlimited (Glendive)
The Depot Gallery (Ennis)
Ghost Art Gallery (Helena)
Jail House Gallery (Hardin)
Kevin Red Star Studio and Gallery (Roberts)
Kootenai Fine Art (Libby)
Kristian Brunsdale Studio (Wilsall)
Midnight Sun Gallery (Bigfork)
Montana Photographic Arts (Roberts)
Ponderosa Art Gallery (Hamilton)
Ranch Gallery (Avon)
Red Raven Gallery (Big Sky)
RiverStone Gallery (Ennis)
Willow Wind Studio (Kalispell)

Art Galleries in Nebraska

Lincoln Art Galleries
Against The Wall Gallery
The Burkholder Project
Davison's Gallery
Deck The Walls
Gallery Nine
Hangups Gallery
Kiechel Fine Art
Modern Arts Midwest
Noyes Art Gallery
Period Gallery
So-Oh Fine Art
Tugboat Gallery
Omaha Art Galleries
13th Street Gallery
Adam Whitney Gallery
Adventure in Art
Anderson O'Brien Fine Art Gallery
Artists Cooperative Gallery
Avenue Gallery
Bella's Place Gallery
Gallery of Crafts
Hangups Gallery
Heller Art Images
Hot Shops Art Center
Images of Nature
Jackson Artworks
Leonardo's Art & Prints
Lewis Art Gallery
Nicholas Street Gallery
Sports Editions
Other Nebraska Art Galleries
Distinctive Art Studio and Gallery (Papillion)
Louisville Art Gallery (Louisville)
Mainstreet Gallery (Pierce)
Prairie Wind Art Center (Grand Island)

Art Galleries in Nevada

Las Vegas Art Galleries
Art Encounter
The Art Factory
Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art
Bernard K. Passman Galleries
Centaur Galleries
Galleria di Sorrento
Galerie Michelangelo
Indian River Gallery
Jack Gallery
Lassen Galerie Las Vegas
Left of Center
Morpheus Gallery
Naomi Arin Contemporary Art
Regis Galerie, Inc
Trifecta Gallery
Reno Art Galleries
Art Source Gallery & Custom Framing Center
Gallery DecorARTive
Infinite Ideas
Metro Gallery
Michael Boyce Galleries
Richardson Gallery of Fine Art
Sierra Arts
Stremmel Gallery
Truckee River Gallery
A Wildflower Village

Art Galleries in New Hampshire

Concord Art Galleries
Anderson-Soule Gallery
Gallery 205
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen
McGowan Fine Art
Mill Brook Gallery
Portsmouth Art Galleries
Kennedy Studios Gallery & Framing
NJM Gallery
Piscataqua Fine Arts
Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery
Three Graces Fine Art
Other New Hampshire Art Galleries
Ammonoosuc Artists Gallery (Littleton)
Art 3 Gallery (Manchester)
Artistic Roots Art Gallery (Campton)
The Arts Gallery (Lisbon)
Artstream (Rochester)
Barn Art Studio (Exeter)
Burlingame Gallery (Exeter)
Bernsen Gallery (Ashland)
Downtown Artworks (Plymouth)
Red Roof Gallery (Enfield)
Spheris Gallery (Hanover)

Art galleries in South Carolina

Beaufort Art Galleries
Art and Soul Gallery
Bay St. Gallery
Beaufort Art Association Gallery
The Charles Street Gallery
The Craftseller
Four Winds Traders
I. Pinckney Simons Gallery
The Rhett Gallery
Charleston Art Galleries
Ann Long Fine Art
Art Legacy Gallery
The Audubon Gallery
Bernie Horton Gallery
Carolina Galleries
Charleston Crafts
Charleston Harbor Gallery
Charleston Renaissance Gallery
Cheryl Newby Gallery
Church Street Inn Gallery
Coleman Fine Art
Courtyard Art Gallery
Curran Gallery
Ella Richardson Fine Art Gallery
E. S. Lawrence Gallery
Eva Carter Gallery
Fine Art Collector
Fraser Fox Fine Art
Gallery Chuma
Gordon Wheeler Gallery
Hamlet Gallery
Hilarie Lambert Studio
Horton Hayes Fine Art
John Carroll Doyle Art Gallery
Julia Santen Gallery
Lowcountry Artists
Margaret Petterson Gallery
Martin Gallery
Mary Martin, A Gallery of Fine Art
Patricia Madison
Lusk Gallery
Pink House Gallery
Richard James Galleries
Smith-Killian Fine Art
Spencer Art Gallery
The Sylvan Gallery
Tiemaker's Gallery
Waterfront Gallery
The Verner Gallery
Wells Gallery
Wolf Contemporary Art Gallery
Columbia Art Galleries
Cherrie Nute Gallery
City Art Gallery
The Great Frame Up
Havens Gallery and Framemakers
HOFP Gallery
One Eared Cow Glass
Portfolio Art Gallery
Webb / Rawls Gallery
Greenville Art Galleries
Mary Praytor Gallery
Michael McDunn Studio Gallery
Hilton Head Island Art Galleries
America. Oh Yes!
Crossroads Fine Art (Bluffton)
Morris & Whiteside Galleries
Pink House Gallery
The Red Piano Art Gallery
Smith Galleries
Other South Carolina Galleries
The Artist's Coop (Laurens)
Cheryl Newby Gallery (Pawleys Island)
Creative Hand Artisan Center (Lyman)
Fish or Cut Bait Gallery (Edisto Beach)
Palmetto Fine Arts (Chaplin)
Rutledge Street Gallery (Camden)
Sandpiper Gallery (Sullivan's Island)
Sea Gull Gallery (Mt. Pleasant)
South Wind Gallery (Pawleys Island)
Stine Gallery (Anderson)
Utonga Gallery (Mt. Pleasant)

Art Galleries in South Dakota

Rapid City Art Galleries
Little Rosebud Gallery
Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries
Sioux Pottery
Sioux Falls Art Galleries
Cliff Hangars Gallery
Northern Plains Tribal Arts
Prairie Star Gallery
Other South Dakota Galleries
ArtWorks Cooperative (Aberdeen)
Oneten Fine Art, Inc. (Yankton)

Art Galleries in Tennessee

Memphis Art Galleries
Art Village Gallery
Artists on Central
David Lusk Gallery
DCI Gallery
D'Edge Art
Fountain Art Gallery
Hannah Davis Gallery
Jay Etkin Gallery
Joysmith Gallery
Lisa Kurts Gallery
L Ross Gallery
M. Ford Creech Antiques & Fine Arts
Perry Nicole Fine Art
Rivertown Gallery
Robinson Editions and Gallery
Universal Art Gallery
Nashville Art Galleries
American Artisan Inc.
The Art House
The Arts Company
Art & Invention Gallery
Bennett Galleries Nashville
Cloud 12 Gallery
Cumberland Gallery
Dangenart Gallery
Different Strokes Art Gallery
Estel Gallery
Exchange Gallery
EZ Gallery
Finer Things Gallery
Gallery One
Helios Artglassworks and Gallery
LeQuire Gallery
Local Color Gallery
Lyzon Art Gallery
Midtown Gallery & Framers
Plowhaus Artists' Cooperative
Prism Glass Studio & Gallery
Richland Fine Art
Richter Gallery of Photography
Ruthie Cherry Fine Art
The Rymer Gallery
Stanford Fine Art
Tennessee Art League
Twist Gallery
Williams American Art Galleries
Zeitgelist Gallery
Other Tennessee Art Galleries
The Artist Corner (Crossville)
The Art Market Gallery (Knoxville)
Artspace4 Gallery (Greeneville)
Bennett Galleries and Company (Knoxville)
Boone's Creek Potter's Gallery (Johnson City)
Desert Fire Gallery (Old Hickory)
Gold Leaf Designs & Gallery (Chattanooga)
Hanson Gallery (Knoxville)
In-Town Gallery (Chattanooga)
Jonesborough Art Glass Gallery (Jonesborough)
Lagniappe Gallery (Gatlinburg)
Leiper's Creek Gallery (Franklin)
Local Palette Art and Fine Craft Gallery (Lynchburg)
Picture This Custom Framing & Gallery (Hermitage)
Over the Rainbow Glass Gallery (Franklin)
River Gallery (Chattanooga)
Shuptrine Fine Art Group (Chattanooga)
Treasure Trove (Franklin)
Twisted Vessel Gallery (Pigeon Forge)

Art Galleries in Texas

Austin Art Galleries
Art on 5th
Austin Galleries
Avenue Gallery
ClayWays Pottery Studio & Gallery
Davis Gallery
D Berman Gallery
El Taller Gallery
F8 Fine Art
Flatbed Press Gallery
Gallery Lombardi
Gallery Shoal Creek
Gallery Soco
Gremillion & Co. Fine Art
Kathy Womack Gallery
Lotus Asian Art & Antiques
Metropolitan Gallery
Oswald Gallery
Russell Collection
Slugfest Gallery
Stephen L. Clark Gallery
Wally Workman Gallery
Yard Dog
Dallas Art Galleries
Afterimage Gallery
Alan Barnes Fine Art, Inc.
AL-SO Gallery
American Fine Art
Artizen Fine Arts
Banks Fine Art
Barry Whistler Gallery
Beaux Arts
Carlyn Galerie
Casa Mexicana
Chattham Gallery
Conduit Gallery
Craighead Green Gallery
Dahlia Woods Gallery
David Dike Fine Art
Dunn and Brown Contemporary
Empty Walls Gallery
Galerie Kornye
Jacques Lamy Art Gallery
Kettle Art
Joel Cooner Gallery
Kettle Art
Kittrell Riffkind Artglass
The Martin Lawrence Gallery
Norwood Flynn Gallery
Pan American Art Projects
PDNB Gallery
Reflection Fine Art
Riddell Rare Maps & Fine Prints
Roughton Galleries
Southwest Gallery
Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden
Denison Art Galleries
416West Gallery
Artplace Gallery
Carmello Pampallano
Myerscough Studio
Old Katy Glass Works
Pat Waymon Gallery
Fort Worth Art Galleries
Art Space III
Carol Henderson Gallery
Edmund-Craig Gallery
Galerie Kornye West
Milan Gallery
Monticello Fine Art Resources
William Campbell Contemporary Art
Houston Art Galleries
Anya Tish Gallery
Apana Mackey Gallery
Archway Gallery
Art and Framing Studio
Barbara Davis Gallery
Booker-Lowe Gallery
Blossom Street Gallery
Dean Day Gallery
Deborah Colton Gallery
De Santos Gallery
Finesilver Gallery
Gallery Sonja Roesch
Goldesberry Gallery
Gremillion & Co. Fine Art
Hanson Galleries
Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Inc.
Houston Potters Guild
Inman Gallery
Jack Meier Gallery
Joan Wich & Co. Gallery
Koelsch Gallery
Las Manos Magicas
McClain Gallery
McMurtrey Gallery
Meredith Long & Company
Moody Gallery
New Gallery
Nolan-Rankin Galleries
Off The Wall Gallery
Orinoco Gallery
Parkerson Gallery
Redbud Gallery
Rudolph Projects / ArtScan Gallery
Sicardi Gallery
Thornwood Gallery
Wade Wilson Art
Watermark Fine Art Photographs
San Antonio Art Galleries
AnArte Gallery
Casa Salazar Art Gallery
Finesilver Gallery
Gallery of the Southwest
Gallery Vetro
Gallista Gallery
Greenhouse Gallery
Harry Halff Fine Art
Joan Grona Gallery
Lawrence Markey
Monte Wade Fine Arts Gallery
Parchman Stremmel Galleries
San Angel Folk Art
Unit B (Gallery)
Other Texas Art Galleries
Adair Margo Gallery (El Paso)
Buchanan Gallery (Galveston Island)
Fine Mexican Ceramics Art Gallery (The Woodlands)
Jordan Art Gallery (Corsicana)
Pitzer's Fine Art (Wimberley)
Riverbend Fine Art (Marble Falls)
Snowfire (Fredericksburg)
Stephanie Ward Gallery (Plano)

Art Galleries in Utah

Park City Art Galleries
Artworks Park City
Coda Gallery
David Whitten Gallery
Iron Horse Gallery
Julie Nester Gallery
Old Town Gallery
Peak Art and Frame
Phoenix Gallery
McCarthey Gallery
Meyer Gallery
Mountain Trails Galleries
Silver Queen Fine Art
Southwestern Expressions
Stanfield Fine Art
Redstone Gallery
Richard Thomas Galleries
Taminah Gallery
Terzian Galleries
Thomas Anthony Gallery
Salt Lake City Art Galleries
814 Gallery
A Gallery
Aperture Photo Gallery
Art Access
The Art Is In
Bingham Gallery
Dolores Chase Fine Art
Hidden Splendor Fine Art
Horne Fine Art Gallery
Magpie's Nest
Main Street Gallery
Marshall Arts Gallery
Metal Maddness Gallery
Modern 8 Gallery
Phillips Gallery
Q Street Fine Crafts
Southam Gallery
Twiggs & Moore Fine Art Gallery
Utah Artist Hands
Wasatch Frame Shop
Williams Fine Art
Ogden Art Galleries
Art Gallery Outlet
Fine Arts Gallery & Custom Framing
Gallery at the Station
Sanders Art Studio
Gallery 25 Fine Art
Provo Art Galleries
Brownstone Gallery
McNaughton Fine Art Company
Terra Nova Gallery
Other Art Galleries in Utah
Apple Frame Gallery (Bountiful)
Coyote Gulch Art Village (Kayenta)
The Torrey Gallery (Torrey)
Two Sisters Fine Art Gallery (Heber City)
Twiggs & Moore Fine Art Gallery (St. George & Draper)
Worthington Gallery (Springdale)

Art Galleries in Vermont

Stowe Art Galleries
The Art Gallery in Stowe
Clarke Galleries
Green Mountain Fine Art Gallery
Robert Paul Galleries
Stowe Craft Gallery
Other Art Galleries in Vermont
Artisans Hand Craft Gallery (Montpelier)
The Barnsider Gallery (Woodstock area)
Contreras Art Gallery (Littleton)
Crow Hill Gallery (Chester)
Dorset Sports Antiquities (Dorset)
Farrow Gallery and Studio (Castleton)
Frog Hollow (Burlington)
Gallery at the VAULT (Springfield)
Gallery North Star (Grafton, Manchester Village, Stratton Mountain)
Gallery On The Green (Woodstock)
Indian Hills Gallery (Wells)
Polonaise Art Gallery (Woodstock)
Prescott Galleries (Lincoln)
Smith-Hunter Gallery (Ferrisburgh)
Studio Place Arts (Barre)
Tilting At Windmills Gallery (Manchester)
Vermont Artisan Designs & Gallery 2 (Brattleboro)
Warren Kimble Gallery (Brandon)

Art Galleries in Virginia

Alexandria Art Galleries
Artcraft Collection
Arts Afire Glass Gallery
Broadway Gallery
Elizabeth Stone Gallery
Erickson & Ripper Gallery
Foliograph Gallery
Gallerie Michele
Gallery West
Mindful Hands
P & C Art
Potomac Craftsmen Gallery
Principle Gallery
Studio Antiques & Fine Art
Torpedo Factory Art Center
Leesburg Art Galleries
Gleedsville Art Gallery
Rendezvous Gallery
Richmond Art Galleries
1708 Gallery
ADA Gallery
Alexander Reeves Fine Art
Andrew's Gallery
Artemis Gallery
Art Works Studios & Galleries
Brazier Fine Art
Chasen Galleries
Eric Schindler Gallery
Old World Prints
Rentz Gallery
Uptown Gallery
West End Gallery
Williamsburg Art Galleries
Art-cade Gallery
Gallery on Merchants Square
This Century Art Gallery
Other Virginia Art Galleries
Adlers Art & Frame (Lorton, Lake Ridge, Herndon & Clifton)
ArtInsights Animation Gallery (Reston)
Broadway Gallery (Alexandria & Fairfax)
The Byrne Gallery (Middleburg)
Cross Mill Gallery (Ashland)
Duality Contemporary Art (Arlington)
Foliograph Gallery (Falls Church, Dulles, McLean & Alexandria)
Harbor Gallery (Norfolk)
Metropolitan Gallery (Arlington)
Mossy Creek Trail (Shenandoah Valley)
The Loft Gallery (Occoquan)
Red Fox Fine Art (Middleburg)
R. H. Ballard Fine Art, Ltd.
Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery (Portsmouth)
Spirit of Art Gallery (Montpelier)
The Sporting Gallery (Middleburg)
Windrow Galleries (Front Royal)
Workhouse Arts Center (Lorton)

Art Galleries in Washington

Bellingham Art Galleries
Good Earth Pottery
Lucia Douglas Gallery
Pacific Marine Gallery
Renaissance Celebration
Bainbridge Island Art Galleries
A is for Artists Gallery
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts
Gallery Fraga (Winslow)
The Island Gallery
Roby King Galleries (Winslow)
Bellevue Art Galleries
Douglas Frazer Fine Art
Fine Art Vision Gallery
Fireworks Gallery
Martin Lawrence Galleries
Mings Asian Gallery
Edmonds Art Galleries
Aria Studio Gallery
Autumn's Framing & Gallery
Cole Gallery
Gallery North
Manya Vee Selects
Semantics Gallery
Kirkland Art Galleries
Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery
Howard/Mandville Gallery
Images of Nature
Parklane Gallery
Patricia Rovzar Gallery
Port Townsend Art Galleries
Ancestral Spirits Gallery
Artisans on Taylor
The Courtyard Gallery
Earthenworks Gallery
Forest Gems
Gallery 9
Max Grover Gallery
William's Gallery
Wynwoods Gallery
Seattle Art Galleries
Belltown / South Lake Union
Crawl Space Gallery
Form / Space Atelier
J.H. Terry Gallery
McLeod Residence
Patricia Cameron Fine Art (SLU)
Roq la Rue Gallery
Sisko Gallery
Winston Wachter Fine Art (SLU)
Woodside/Braseth Gallery (SLU)
Downtown / Pike Place Market / First Avenue
Art Not Terminal Gallery
Benham Gallery
Carolyn Staley Fine Japanese Prints
Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
Foster/White Gallery in Rainer Square
Friesen Gallery
Gallery Mack
Jeffrey Moose Gallery
The Legacy Ltd.
Lisa Harris Gallery
Patricia Rovzar Gallery
R E Welch Gallery
Seattle Glassblowing Studio
Square Room
Traver Gallery
Twilight Artist Collective
Vetri International Glass
Pioneer Square Area
Azuma Gallery
Davidson Galleries
Flury & Company Gallery
Gallery 110
Gallery IMA
Glasshouse Studio
Grover/Thurston Gallery
James Harris Gallery
Kagedo Japanese Art
Linda Hodges Gallery
Marni Muir Gallery
Northwest Fine Woodworking
Seattle ArtREsource
Some Space Gallery
Stonington Gallery
Susan Woltz Gallery
Wall Space
East Edge - Pioneer Square
Catherine Person Gallery
Foster/White Gallery
Garde Rail Gallery
G. Gibson Gallery
Greg Kucera Gallery
Howard House Contemporary Art
La Familia
Lawrimore Project
Monarch Studio
Pacini Lubel Gallery
Platform Gallery
Punch Gallery
Shift Collaborative Studio
Soil Art Gallery
Other Seattle Art Galleries
Aegean Design
Ambach & Rice
Art by Fire Gallery
Avalon Glassworks
Baas Art Gallery
Bherd Studios
Bluebottle Art Gallery and Store
Columbia City Gallery
Edge of Glass Gallery
Fetherston Gallery
Fine Impressions Gallery
The Fountainhead Gallery
Francine Seders Gallery
Gasworks Gallery
Kirsten Gallery
Miner Gallery
M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery
Northwest Craft Center
Pottery Northwest
Twilight in the Junction
Spokane Art Galleries
Art @ Work Gallery
Artisans' Wares
Avenue West Gallery
Everett Gallery
Galleria De Felice
Gallery of Thum
Lorinda Knight Gallery
Pottery Place Plus
Spectrum Fine Art
Tinman Gallery
Trackside Studio
Tacoma Gallery Guide
American Art Company
BKB & Company
Brick & Mortar Gallery
Freighthouse Square Gallery
Fulcrum Gallery
Gallery 96
Gallery Madera
Grand Impromptu Gallery
The Lakewood Gallery
Sandpiper Gallery
The Seven Muses
Tacoma Glassblowing Studio
The Helm
Traver Gallery
Two Vaults Gallery
Other Galleries in Washington
A Class Act Gallery (LaConner)
Amy Burnett Gallery (Bremerton)
A Pickled Heron Gallery (Ridgefield)
Arctic Raven Gallery (Friday Harbor)
Art Merchant International (Monroe)
The Art Mine (Port Hadlock)
Awad -Schmalz Fine Art Gallery (Mukilteo)
Blue Heron Gallery (Vashon Island)
Blue Whole Gallery (Sequim)
Broadway Gallery (Longview)
Collective Visions (Bremerton)
Courtyard Gallery (LaConner)
Crow Valley Pottery (Eastsound)
Darvill's Rave Prints & Fine Art (Eastsound)
The Eagle's Nest (Poulsbo)
Elliot Brown Gallery (North Bend)
The Gallery (Olympia)
Gallery 070 (Vashon Island)
Insights Gallery (Anacortes)
Kaewyn Gallery (Bothell)
Kingston Art Gallery (Kingston)
Knight Visions Gallery (Bothell)
Museo (Langley)
Olympic Art Gallery (Quilcene)
Peterson Gallery of NW Coast Art (Shelton)
Potlatch Gallery (Poulsbo)
Raven Rocks Studio (Langley)
Scott Milo Gallery (Anacortes)
Shoalwater Cove Gallery & Framing (Ilwaco)
Silverwood Gallery (Vashon Island)
Stanwood House Gallery (Stanwood)
Tri-Art Gallery (Richland)
Uptown Glassworks (Renton)
Verksted Gallery (Poulsbo)
Waters Edge Gallery (Gig Harbor)
Waterworks Gallery (Friday Harbor)
Wenaha Gallery (Dayton)
Westcott Bay Sculpture Park (Roche Harbor)
Wheeler Galleries (Langley)
Willow (Walla Walla)

Art Galleries in West Virginia

American Arts Guild (Bristol)
Arabia's Art Gallery & Studio (Spencer)
ArtistryWeb Riverton Gallery (Riverton)
The Art Store (Charleston)
Callen McJunkin Gallery (Charleston)
Mountain Laurel Gallery (Berkeley Springs)
Mountain Made (Thomas)
Tari's Gallery (Berkeley Springs)

Art Galleries in Wisconsin

Madison Art Galleries
Absolutely Art
Art Saint Ann Gallery
Fanny Garver Gallery
Fine Posters
Grace Chosy Gallery
Hue Art Gallery
Janus Galleries
Milward Farrell Fine Art
Pucci's Gallery & Custom Framing
Spaightwood Galleries
State Street Gallery
Wendy Cooper Gallery
Milwaukee Art Galleries
Alfred Bader Fine Art
Anthony Petullo Collection
Art & Soul Gallery
Bresler Eitel Art & Framing Gallery
David Barnett Gallery
Dean Jensen Gallery
DeLind Fine Art Gallery
Elaine Erickson Gallery
Gallery 218
Gnoap Gallery
Hotcakes Gallery
Katie Gingrass Gallery
Lakeshore Gallery
Landmarks Gallery
Light Ideas Gallery
Peltz Gallery
Phyllis Toburen Contemporary Abstract Art
Thunder Mountain Press
Tory Folliard Gallery
VP Gallery
Picture Perfect Gallery
Other Wisconsin Art Galleries
Almont Gallery (Waukesha)
Artisan Gallery (Paoli)
B-Framed Galleries (Eau Claire)
Brickyard Pottery & Glassworks (Shell Lake)
Charlene's Gallery 10 (Gills Rock)
Cornerstone Gallery (Baraboo)
Dimensions Gallery & Framing (Sun Prairie)
Dovetail Art Gallery (Egg Harbor)
Edgewood Orchard Galleries (Fish Creek)
The Egg Gallery (Princeton)
Hembrough Gallery (Cassville)
Lemon Street Gallery (Kenosha)
New Visions Gallery (Marshfield)
Oulu Glass (Brule)
River's End Gallery (Wausau)
Seasons on St. Croix (Hudson)

Art Galleries in Wyoming

Jackson Art Galleries
Art Association
Astoria Fine Art
Boyer's Indian Arts and Crafts
Brookover Fine Art Photography Gallery
Buffalo Trail Gallery
Caswell Gallery and Sculpture Garden
Cayuse Western Americana
Center Street Gallery
Di Tommaso Galleries
Galleries West
Flat Creek Crossing
Hennes Gallery
Horizon Fine Art Gallery
Images of Nature
Jackson Trading Company
Legacy Gallery
Lyndsay McCandless Contemporary
Meyer - Milagros Gallery
Mountain Trails Galleries
Muse Gallery
Oswald Gallery
Trailside Galleries
Trio Fine Art
Two Grey Hills
West Lives On Gallery
Wilcox Gallery
Wild by Nature Gallery
Other Art Galleries in Wyoming
Big Horn Galleries (Cody)
Big Horn Print Gallery (Cody)
Blue Fox Gallery (Etna)
Bozeman Trail Gallery (Sheridan)
Foothills Gallery (Sheridan)
Harco Gallery (Wilson)
Manitou Galleries (Cheyenne)
Mountain Valley Artistry (Cody)
West of Center Studio & Gifts (Rock Springs)
Wind River Gallery (Riverton)