Sunday, February 8, 2009

11/01/07 10:19 AM

I am excited to say that this morning I was notified by the Pittsburgh Aids Task Force that they have chosen me to design their holiday greeting cards for this year. This news brings me much joy!
I am hard at work on many new paintings and some old ones which I have yet to of course finish! I find my self excited for the new year and all of the opportunities that it could present for me.
I was thinking about changing my Aw page and either taking off all of my old work and replacing it with only new works, or placing all the old ones into a folder marked 2007 and previous with all the new works listed under well new works. If your reading this blog and see this please let me know what you think about these ideas or if you have any suggestions please pass them on it would be much apprecited.
I hope that every one has had a Happy Halloween! And I will see you all soon with some sketches of some of my work to come!

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