Friday, February 20, 2009

2-20-2009 Cold day - New deliveries....YeeeHawww!

Good afternoon every one! Not much going on today. It actually is quit a boring day. It is cold as heck out side. I should be organizing my studio or working on something but I really just didn't feel like it this morning - so I took a lazy day! What do they call them ....mental health days!!!! LOL!!!

I have a few small touches to add to my scrape books ( whixh I designed and created from scrape) And then I will upload them to the sites. I also got two deliveries today they were both some marketing materials from Vista I use them online to do my marketing stuff:
(flyers, post cards, business cards, brouchers, t-shirts, ball caps, pens, letter head and envelopes, magnets, calanders, return address labels...ect) They yare so very easy to use, and delivery is allways fast and packaged well!

Yesterday I recieved an order I placed for cowboy boots. I have allways wanted a pair but just never got them... Till yesterday that is I bought two pair. I have to say as new as I am to this purchasing over the internet for myself- that I am very pleased with it! Yeee Hawww...

It is looking like dinner out with friends tonight I hope! To the Texas Road House - I really just want t where my new boots!!!!!hehehe

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Photo Mosaic Work

Here is my new Photo Mosaic Work!

The President of The USA " Barack Obama"

This mosaic is 34 x 45 in size and is composed of 222 photo cells replicated(due to the size). It took 26 hours to complete, each photo one by one by hand. It can be ordered by emailing me for details and is printed with out the watermark.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2-17-09 5:20 pm

Here is a hysterical photo of me done by fellow artist K. Jacob. He is running a very popular thread on the AW site " 2009 AW Roast"

2-17-2009 Here are some of my newest Photo Mosaic Works!

This mosaic is 24 x 36 in size and is composed of 795 photo cells.

This mosaic is 16 x 20 in size and is composed of 671 photo cells.

This mosaic is 24 x 36 in size and is composed of 1,368
photo cells.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updated Listing of Al My Sites!

Here is an updated listig of all my sites!
Please check them out.... If you have questions or comments or orders please email me!!!!!!!
(412) 646-2243
ask for Michael

Photo Mosaics Now Available!!!!

I have just added PHOTO MOSAICS to my list of services!
To the right of the blog is an example of one of my photo mosaics. It is 24 x 36 in size and is composed of 1,802 phot cells each done one at a time by hand...
I can customize your memories into a photo mosaic....... Just email me about the details...
Sizes available range from 8 x 10 up to 30- x 40...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2/12/2009 11:29am

Hi - it's just me again. Here are the photos of the damage that the storm did last night! it is crazy. My house is in the center of three others that surround it. The house to the right side is the one with the shed that blew u and crashed into my side yards. The house in the back is the one with the 3 (3 story) piines that got up rooted and knocked over like dominoes. And the house to the left is the one that had its back deck and roof ripped off and thrown int the fron yards of my house.

My house unbelievably only has litter in the yards that surround it on my grounds, and a few shingles ripped off here and there.

2/12/2009 10:23am

Good morning everyone! Well I seemed to have weathered the storms last night. The winds here reached a high of 92 miles/hour (the equivilent to a catagory 2 hurricane.) One of the neighbors had a pine tree uprooted and fallen acrossed her car, the three (3) story tall pines in the back of my yard fell over like dominios uprooted and all, and the neighbor next to me had his shed lifted off the ground and dropped into my side yards ( its in pieces all over my side yards).

Any way other than that I will be uploading some more photos to the blog today some of the storm damage, and some of the scrapebooks I made from scratch, and some of what my studio here looks like - so you can all see the space I create in!

Till then I will see you all this afternoon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

01/13/09 02:12 PM

So today is another busty day for me. I organized some of my 80 new works into collage groups of 9. I figure that way it is easier to not only explain the concept but to view the works with out having to to go through 1000 (lol) pages of work. Here is a preview of some of them! Hope you enjoy !

2/12/2009 3:12 pm

I got the great news today that I placed 2nd in a photography event in Nevada. I submitted my three slides via cd to the Photographers Magazine contest out of Nevada. There were 912 entries.
I won a cash prize of $2,500.00, a press release to accompany my photo and the artwork that placed, an article in the magazine on my works, and the piece will tour in an exhibit of three museums starting Jan 2010.
I placed 2nd with the photograph from my portfolio titled "Soap Box Durby". The photo below is me holding my award check!!!! YAAAAAA!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

02/02/09 01:09 PM

Today was exciting! It is February 2nd, 2009 and the Steelers game last night was EXCELLENT. I was on the edge of my seat from the start of the second half on! After we won just so narrowly - I might add, I went out on to my deck overlooking the back gardens of my house and I could hear the roar of the crouds froom Oakland! It was amazing!
Any way- I did get part of major shipment of advertising materials in today....:) My busness cards came, my car window decals came in, my car magnets came in, some of my return labels came, and some of my t- shirts came in.... It all looks so very amazing I was so excited. But still so much more to come (note pads, presentation folders, brouchers, postcards, baseball caps, key cahins, bags, pens, sticky notes, rubber stamps, letterhead, nd envelopes).
I did soak a small reasonable cash amount into it! But it is part of the business. any way I am using this phenominal service:
If your in the market for reasonable but excellent marketing services they are who you should check out!! I can't wait for the rest of it to come in...

01/18/09 10:45 AM

I had this wild idea today to start creating an installation sculpture. I will do this out of paper towel and toilet paper rolls. You know the cardboard ones you get when your done. I will keep it posted as it progresses.

01/16/09 04:01 PM

Hi there every one don't forget to check me at the following sites :

01/13/09 02:17 PM

I am working on some other cool things as well for 2009.
1. A series of 9 scrapbooks. All hand made from scratch. 2. A set of desk top organizing containers all from scratch. 3. A photo book of some of most popular works. 4. Of course as well as some of the old works I never finished yet ! LOL!
We will see I made myself a promise to finishthe first 3 of the list. Then I will work on the older stuff.

12/19/08 02:18 PM

Merry Christmas to everyone ! I hope that you all have a blessed New Year! This is the card that was chosen for publication of 4100 people over the Christmas holiday for the Pittsburgh Aids Task Force.

11/29/08 12:52pm

Hi every one, I am just getting ready for sleep but wanted to say that I am back from a long - long summer and fall! It has been very busy for me and I haven't gotten the opportunity to update anything on the AW site yet. A lot of traveling and some family stuff has taken my attention away from the studio. Still I have managed to keep on going with my art work.
I am currently devoting my time to a line of greeting cards that I have been approached to develope. As well as a couple of new abstract pieces I have been asked to create.
And next will be preporation's for all the 2009 Summer shows! Oh man I am tired allready!
Good night all!

05/22/08 12:39 PM

Just for fun I have decided to make a message in a bottle. I will set this message free into the ocean at Virginia Beach on June 3rd, 2008. I will be curious as to who, when, & where some one finds it!! I will post the photograph of me releasing the bottle into the ocean upon my return in june.

05/22/08 12:03 PM

I thought that it would be really cool to make a message in a bottle. So I have decided to place a piece of my artwork in a sealed wine bottle and let it go while I am away in Virginia. I wonder who will find it and when!

05/22/08 12:00 PM

Tomorrow is the 23rd of May and it just happens to be my birthday! I do not feel 34 years old, but then I wouldn't know because I have never been 34 befor lol! I am going to spend the early part of my day with my pets and work on my gardens and some art work, then I will spend the evening out with some friends. I hope I get lots of cool gifts!!!!!

05/22/08 11:56 AM

Good afternoon every one! If you curious as to what my studio looks like please feel free to go to the forum section - then under art discussion - then under "whats Your Studio Look Like" and take a brief tour!
As for me I have taken a short break from my art at the moment to concentrate on getting my gardens situated for the spring. It takes up quite a bit of time as there are several to tend to there is The river lilly garden, The rock garden, The front yard gardens which are divided into two across the whole span of my front yard, then there is the back yard gardens which take up the entire back yard and decking.
I will take a short break from those to do some marketing the first week of June in both Virginia, and North Carolina, then back home here in Pittsburgh for a week and then off to Colorado for a week. Wish me luck!

05/16/08 10:09 AM

Good afternoon everyone! I was visiting the forum section of AW today and under Art Discussion there is a fantastic thread by: Chris Newbrok - "Who Inspires You". If you get some free time you check it out it is time well spent!

05/05/08 09:20 AM

If any one is interested the 2008 Annual Americas For The Arts Convention will be held on June 20th - 22nd, 2008 in Philidelphia, PA. To find out more about this really cool event and to register go to http//
Hopefully you attend! I Will See You All There!!

05/05/08 08:49 AM

Good Morning every body, I just wanted to update you all on my event schedule for the summer as there have been additions to it.
1. The Polish Hill Civic Association "Art What You Got" Arts Festival July 20th,2008 - Pittsburgh, PA. - world wide online art gallery.
3.JPG - world wide online arts gallery.
4.Newly associated with the followiing groups: a. The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council b. The Pittsburgh Center For The Arts c. The Steel Valley Arts Center
THANKS for checking in on my BLOGG!!!

04/17/08 02:33 PM

This year I am entering a photograph rather than a painting as I have over the past few years. I am entering "Dawns Gentle Breeze" @ 36" x 48" on vynl in a sleek silver frame.
This year I am entering a photograph rather than a painting as I have over the past few years. I am entering "Dawns Gentle Breeze" @ 36" x 48" on vynl in a sleek silver frame.

04/17/08 02:19 PM

hi every one - you should definately check out the show that MarcAnthony is having it sounds really cool!
In the mean time if you in PGH, PA, over the 26th & 27th you come to the Lawrenceville Art All Night Show for 24 solid hours there will be over 7,500 artist and guest, with entertainment, it is reaaly cool and brings in a very large crowd! The show is being held in the old Prezaunts carpet warehous off of 57th street in Lawrenceville it starts @ 6pm Sat & runs for 24 hours!

04/03/08 11:06 AM

Good Morning! THANK GOD for High Speed Internet!!! I have finally set it up! I have no idea why I even waited so long!!
Any way please take a few moments to check out my new works I just added them today to the site. These are going to be made into Mothers day cards! I hope you enjoy them.

04/02/08 06:18 PM

Good evening everyone! I have just had a piece accepted to the Brystoll - Myers & Squibb Corp. in New York City.
"So I Prayed"

02/11/08 09:54 AM

Good morning every one! I just wanted to take a moment to update my blog by giving everyone my 2008 Schedule of Events ( as it is right at the moment):
1. April 2008 - Art All Night, 141 41st St, Lawrenceville, Pa, 15102. Held in the Catalyst Building.
2. June 2008 - Waiting to hear back from the Acceptance Committee for The 3 Rivers Arts Festival.
3. July 2008 - Washington County Arts & Heritage Festival, 55 West maidon St, Washington, PA, 15301.
4. July 2008 - Twin Lakes Arts Festival - Twin Lakes Park, latrboe, PA.
5. October 2008 - Franklin Arts Festival, Franklin, PA.
6. July 22nd,2008 - The Northern National Juried Arts Show- Rhineland,Wisconsin.
7. 1 Year Liscensing Rights to Web Electronic Publications for my photograph " Coming Out Of Oneself".

01/25/08 11:31 AM

Ok I sure had a lot to say today! I guess I have just been holding it all in! ANY WAY.....
PLEASE DO CHECK OUT MY NEW WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is still being constructed but is up and running in the mean time, I still have to upload my art to it this week end.

01/25/08 11:29 AM

I did finally however finish my piece on "The Pear and it sold allready! YA..... I decided not to go with the crackle finish because I could not find one as a clear crackle coat and the cream color coat just wasn't going to do the job.
I have 15 of my new pieces coming in February so look out for them. I am tring to spread them all out over the year, this way I can deversify my web hits, hahahahah. Like money in the bank (the hits).

01/25/08 11:25 AM

Good Afternoon every one !
Wow what a very busy month! Finally a breather. I just sent in submission's to the following Galleries: 1. Fe Gallery - PGH, PA for "The 2008 Regional Arts Exhibition" 2. Moxie DaDa - PGH, PA for "General Solo Exhibition" 3. Boxed Heart - PGH, PA for "General Solo Exhibition" 4. Admissions Application for the 2008 "Three Rivers Arts Festival" - PGH, PA 5. Admission Application for the 2008 "Twin Lakes Arts Festival" - Latrobe, PA
Next Month I will do my submissions for: 1. "The Art All Night Show" - PGH, PA 2. "Franklin Arts & Heritage Festival" - Franklin, PA. 3. Three galleries in Florida.
There for I will have slaighted 4 shows for the Summer anf fall (April,June,July,October) leaving room for one more show and several gallery events!

12/20/07 03:30 PM

Well, I finished the fourth stage of "The Pear", it will appear in the top of my portfolio page under most recent works and again in the in the works section of the site. Please stop by and let me know what you think of it so far.

12/02/07 05:14 PM

Hi everyone, I just got done uploading 26 new works to my portfolio so check them out! i have lots more comming. i am also gonna add the in the works catagory to my portfolio tonight, so feel free to add any constructive critism to any of those - or - nice comments ( hahahaha).

11/30/07 11:34 AM

I have just finished uploading some of my many new works to the computer. i will upload them later today into a new catagory called In The Works. Here I will place several of my pieces in the various stages of work from start to completion. Feel free to send me your thoughts or even suggestions on how to improve, I PROMISE I will onll take them as constructive critisim after all I am self taught so I could stand to learn some stuff. HAHAHAHA!

11/29/07 08:46 PM

Hay did everyone know this but me? I just found out that if you go into your portfolio and click on the Top Ten Award you get a list of all the Top Tens you placed on. But if you keep clicking on the view report it keeps taking you back to all the Top Tens you placed in . I was amazed to find that I placed fifth in the Top Ten more than 311 times AFTER that I quit counting.
I guess I have learned something new today.

11/26/07 02:13 PM

Last but not least by far for todays updates is that I recieved notification that six of my pieces were accepted into the 2008 Masters of Today Contemporary Artists and Trends book. It has 25,000 copies in distribution!

11/26/07 02:12 PM

I recieved an email a while back from AW about the 2008 calanders and I was excited as allways about havin work in them. Look for my artwork in the following catagories( Landscape, Sci- Fi, Animals/Wildlife, Photography).

11/26/07 02:10 PM

I am very geeked today because I have finished up several projects..... December will be a new start!!!! I have all my new photography ready to upload, I have several paintings ready to upload, and I am adding 7 new catagories to my portfolio ( Urban Spraw, Black and White, All Things Old and New, Travels, Self Portraits, and Typography and Literature )
I have also decided that I am going to try out for a grant with the Sprout Fund which does Murals in and around Pittsburgh for 2008. I allready have the design in mind and have started laying it out.
LOOK OUT for ALL of my 400 new works comming to AW in December!!!!!!!!!

11/22/07 07:05 PM

I loged into see my page the other week and to my surprise i discovered that I had gotten voted into the top ten club!!! YAAAA! I was voted in for most comments recieved and placed 5th.
I logged in today and discovered that I plced again! This time for the month @ 9th place for most viewed.
THANK YOU to all ofyou viewrers who made this possible I wa so surprised to find this. What a Holiday treat. I am so proud.

11/22/07 07:01 PM

I was notified by the Pittsburgh Aids task Force yesterday that my print for the Holiday card is going to print. I gave my approval on it yesterday. I was advised that approximately 2800 people will recieve this print.

11/04/07 11:52 AM

Next week will be the beging of a very busy week for me. I will not only be in the print lab but in the studio all week. I am determinded to finis up 5 drawings and 14 paintings. I am triing to get new works in the process and old ones finished so I have a new inventory for 2008!
I have alot of plans for the year 2008: 1. AW calanders :) 2. The Lawerencevill Arts & Heritage Festival 3. Twin Lakes Arts Festival 4. The Apple Fest Arts and Heritage festival in franklin, PA 5. Three Rivers Arts Festival 6. The Art All Night Festival in Lawerenceville 7. The Washington County Arts & Heritage Festival None of which includes any private work I recieve in between those preperations. Any way it should be a busy month or two for me. I got pics of all the stuff I am working on I just haven't figured out how to upload them onto the blog yet. See you soon.

11/04/07 11:43 AM

I have just finished up working on my image for the Greeting Cards for The Pittsburgh Aids Task Force. They have decided on " The Reflecting Pond". "The Reflecting Pond" is one in a series of seven photographs titled "Starbucks At Dupont Circle". This series will be fetured in its' original entirety at Starbucks at Dupont Circle in the Spring of 2008.
"The Reflecting Pond" Was also selected in the 2007 AW calanders for photography.

11/01/07 10:19 AM

I am excited to say that this morning I was notified by the Pittsburgh Aids Task Force that they have chosen me to design their holiday greeting cards for this year. This news brings me much joy!
I am hard at work on many new paintings and some old ones which I have yet to of course finish! I find my self excited for the new year and all of the opportunities that it could present for me.
I was thinking about changing my Aw page and either taking off all of my old work and replacing it with only new works, or placing all the old ones into a folder marked 2007 and previous with all the new works listed under well new works. If your reading this blog and see this please let me know what you think about these ideas or if you have any suggestions please pass them on it would be much apprecited.
I hope that every one has had a Happy Halloween! And I will see you all soon with some sketches of some of my work to come!

08/28/07 02:42 PM

Good afternoon, this past weekend was the Washington County Arts & Heritage Festival, it was a success, I will do it again next year. I sold a lot of art work there, and made several contacts. I will be busy this week working on several commissions from that show. Please feel free to check out my photos from the festival they are posted on the site here at AW.

06/17/07 06:27 AM

Good morning, Today is June 17th, 2007, and I can not believe how fast time is going by. I am hard at work in the studio.....I have a lot of new paintings to upload and several new photographs I just am waiting to do them all at one time. I find it easier to upload that way. The Washington County Arts and Heritage Festival in August is keeping me very busy. I have so many things to do to prepare for it, I feel like my head is spinning sometimes.

05/02/07 07:49 AM

Good morning everyone, I was wa just blogging to let you all know that the show In Lawrenceville went very well, they estimated about 42,000 visitors came through. And what was even more exciting was that the one piece I was allowed to enter "Living Without" was sold! I have been fast at work in the studio, getting away from the photography end of my artwork a little and going back to some of the photos as a reference for paintings.
Its kinda funny to think that I forgot how much I enjoyed painting, I guess I just needed a break from it for awhile. That is how I am feeling about the photography end of it now.
I am so greatful to all of my artwanted friends for all their encouragement, and advice!
I hope every one has a great day. I am off to the studio!

04/19/07 09:29 AM

I will be showing in the "Art All Night" Show held by The Art District in Lawrenceville Pennsylvania. The show will begin at 5pm on Saturday April 28th, 2007 and run all night long and into Sunday April 29th, 2007 till 2pm.
The Catalyst Building 141 41st Street Lawrenceville, PA

04/19/07 09:23 AM

04/19/07 09:23 AM
I just wanted to let you all know I have an upcomming show:
The Arts & Heritage Festival 55 West maiden Street Washington, PA, 15301
The festival will begin on Friday August 24th,2007 and run through Sunday August 26th,2007. They are expecting based off of previous years approximately 40,000 people. Works by Picasso will also be displayed there during the three day event!

04/12/07 03:14 PM

Just announcing the Heather Arnet for Pittsburgh School Board Director for District #2 Art Auction. The auction is a fundraiser for Heather Arnet who is the Spring Democratic Nominee for the PGH School Board Director position. The auction will be held Friday April 13th,2007 at the Pavement - in Lawrenceville, PA. It will consist of several piecesfrom local Pittsburgh Artist. I will have three pieces in the show chosen by Kathleen Newman. 1. "Whats Left Of My Heart Unraveled" 2. "Palms" 3. "St.Louis Arch"

03/09/07 10:00 AM

I am proud to announce my partnership with fellow AW artist Natalie Mason.
Natalie is a talented artist workng in oil media. Natalie has licensed over 100 nude photographs from me to play the part of models in her up and comming exhibiton series of nude black and white oil paintings. Natalie is a well established artist with clients global and has a long list of exhibitions.
You can view Natalie Mason here on Artwanted, and in the very near future:
Exhibitions :
The week of March 15th, 2007 at the - perminent exhibition. ( Both Natalie and I )
June 25th,2007 at The Renishaw Stately Home, North East DerbyShire, England. (Natalie)
I know how you all like those nudes so check them out and feel free to purchase!!!!

03/06/07 12:36 PM

Good afternoon, today is Tuesday March 6th, 2007 and I was just uodating my information for the world to see. The next two months are going to be rather busy ones for me as I am in the studio working on over 100 new photographs, adding new ideas to my sketch book journal, and working on over 89 paintings. I am hoping that by the end of April I will have all new works to be viewed. I am also actively seeking formal gallery representation....That is harder than I remeber it being! The AW product line has made alot of new opportunities available for me that I never thought I would persue as well. I hope that you have enjoyed looking through my portfolio, please do come back often as new images of my work will apprear on a regular basis.