Sunday, February 8, 2009

11/04/07 11:52 AM

Next week will be the beging of a very busy week for me. I will not only be in the print lab but in the studio all week. I am determinded to finis up 5 drawings and 14 paintings. I am triing to get new works in the process and old ones finished so I have a new inventory for 2008!
I have alot of plans for the year 2008: 1. AW calanders :) 2. The Lawerencevill Arts & Heritage Festival 3. Twin Lakes Arts Festival 4. The Apple Fest Arts and Heritage festival in franklin, PA 5. Three Rivers Arts Festival 6. The Art All Night Festival in Lawerenceville 7. The Washington County Arts & Heritage Festival None of which includes any private work I recieve in between those preperations. Any way it should be a busy month or two for me. I got pics of all the stuff I am working on I just haven't figured out how to upload them onto the blog yet. See you soon.

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