Sunday, February 8, 2009

03/09/07 10:00 AM

I am proud to announce my partnership with fellow AW artist Natalie Mason.
Natalie is a talented artist workng in oil media. Natalie has licensed over 100 nude photographs from me to play the part of models in her up and comming exhibiton series of nude black and white oil paintings. Natalie is a well established artist with clients global and has a long list of exhibitions.
You can view Natalie Mason here on Artwanted, and in the very near future:
Exhibitions :
The week of March 15th, 2007 at the - perminent exhibition. ( Both Natalie and I )
June 25th,2007 at The Renishaw Stately Home, North East DerbyShire, England. (Natalie)
I know how you all like those nudes so check them out and feel free to purchase!!!!

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