Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here goes a cool site called the Million Blog List. It is a site that is tring to reach and see how long it takes to reach 1 million bloggs. It is free to join so have at it and have fun!

All about the busy week !

I went to the Three Rivers Arts Festival this past weekend...It was AWESOME as usual!
The caliber of artist this year was definately bettter then the last two years. I ended up buying 6 prints by Joanna Jung of Jackson Jung Galleries out of Chicago. I have been collecting her works since 2006! SHE IS THE MOST AMAZING ARTIST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also purchased a clay mirror, and a paper and cloth lined bendie animal character of which I found so very interesting.
I am dog sitting for my sisters 2 wienner dogs for 7 days while she and her boys are in Disney. And while walking them today they got tangled up in a tiff with a porcupine- luckily none of the three got hurt. I will start a marketing blitz this week as well with over 400 mailings going out! I am tired just thinking about it.
I don't think I mentioned the family of Zebra Finches that moved into one of my bird houses. they laid 3 eggs and they hatched into the sweetest little hatchlings. i am so amazed by them. I can sit and watch the parents take turns feeding them and watching over them.
Oh yeah I also jioned up with to really awesome Artist Groups on this site called I was so very stunned when I found it, it is a massive site for people who want to get together with other folks who shar similar interest. The one group is called Army of Artist's and it has over 180 people in it that meet up and paint or talk about art. They are putting together a space where wewill meet at and show works of ours! The other group is a Figure Drawing Group and it has almost 100 or so people in it too! I can't wait till my first meeting with them.
Oh yeah before I forget I made 45 additions to My Artist / Art Gallery Listing for The USA this morning. So if you want a free updated copy just email me and I will send it back to you as an excell attachment. Remember it is broken down by states and then further broken down by areas with in that state and each has a link directly to that galleries website.
I will also be updating all of my sites this week as well as adding 5 new ones!!!!!
I am sad to say that www.HometownArtGallery has gone out of business. The worst part is that they did not even notify me of it...At All... I was more so disappointed in them for that! I will miss them though they were good folk and a good site!
So anyway with all that said I probbly should get started on my work for the day again and finish up my lunch break here.
I will talk to you all soon!

The iPhone The New Wave of Art

Here is a very interesting article/video regarding this- I found it pretty facinating. Check it out!

The Top 200 Artist of The 20th Century

Here is a really interesting article poll I read at The article is from the June 8th issue under Entertainment then under Arts. Check it out. I would be very curious as to everyone elses thoughts!