Friday, February 20, 2009

2-20-2009 Cold day - New deliveries....YeeeHawww!

Good afternoon every one! Not much going on today. It actually is quit a boring day. It is cold as heck out side. I should be organizing my studio or working on something but I really just didn't feel like it this morning - so I took a lazy day! What do they call them ....mental health days!!!! LOL!!!

I have a few small touches to add to my scrape books ( whixh I designed and created from scrape) And then I will upload them to the sites. I also got two deliveries today they were both some marketing materials from Vista I use them online to do my marketing stuff:
(flyers, post cards, business cards, brouchers, t-shirts, ball caps, pens, letter head and envelopes, magnets, calanders, return address labels...ect) They yare so very easy to use, and delivery is allways fast and packaged well!

Yesterday I recieved an order I placed for cowboy boots. I have allways wanted a pair but just never got them... Till yesterday that is I bought two pair. I have to say as new as I am to this purchasing over the internet for myself- that I am very pleased with it! Yeee Hawww...

It is looking like dinner out with friends tonight I hope! To the Texas Road House - I really just want t where my new boots!!!!!hehehe

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