Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Around the corner!!!!!

I have been busy lately with Spring comming up next week! I bought one of those Tobie Steam Cleaners off the tv. I LOVE THIS THING!!!!! I did the livingroom couch, and chairs, and then the drapes in both the livingroom and dinningroom, even the shears. I also used it to clean the windows in those rooms to!!!!! The pet hair just melted right off of everything- and the house plants love th steam.

While shopping at Costco's the other day I purchased a Shark Floor Steam Cleaner. This little bugger is only 3 lbs, and so very easy to use. I don't think I will ever use a traditional mop again!!!

With the deck scrubbed down and restained last year - it practically looks brand new! So now I am off to rebild the small retaining wall that is underneath it. it is long I think like 40 or 50 stone blocks long and three high, but befor I have new mulch added and the turtle pond put in, I want to relevel it so that it is sound as a couple of the blocks are tumblin forward into the lawn.

Then as if that is not enough it is PLANT......PLANT.....PLANT!!!!! I want to put in some new ivy to vine up the back fence where three old pines that fell two months ago stood - just to add a small amount of privacy. And a new Dog Wood Tree or two, and some new Hostas!

Thats all of my projects over the next two months as far as the gardening goes, other than the usual mantainance.

I started my 11th scrapbook, even thought I said I wasn't going to make any more. I need to photograph them and place them on here so everyone can see them.

It's all just a little bit crazy round here now!!!


  1. Crazy? That's an understatement. Hey, I know! Why not do a sceance! You know, come on... Contact John Mccain! Let him in on this ghost action and have him kick the ass of ethereal evil!

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