Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo Mosaic Statistic info

Good morning every one. I have just completed the upload of 13 more photo mosaics to my portfolio. Please stop by and check them out!! Out of curiosity I calculated up how many hours I have envested nto these mosaics all 36 of them so far that I have up loaded. To my huge surprise I have 3,032 creative hours into these mosaic - that is an astonihing and exhausting 126 1/3 days!!
I have used a total of 108,947 photo's (alot of these are duplicate's and triplicates of course not individual photographs)
Time for a power nap!!!!!!
And New camera batteries........and a more powerful memory for my computer's!!!!
Maybe even a small refidgerator and bed sid toilet (NOT) for my studio!! hahahahaha!

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